Thursday, November 26, 2020
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A Sidewalk Turnaround

As Kathryn mentions below, a couple to whom Kim had given a brochure in front came out of PP and sat a while on the bench in back; both Kim and Bentley called to them and they eventually came walking out the driveway and asked, “Where do we go?”  They had an ultrasound inside which showed the baby at 21 weeks, too far along for PP to do an abortion.  But they refused to tell them if the baby was a boy or girl.  (Amy tells us that PP makes clients sign a form stating that they will not be shown the ultrasound... lest they change...

View from the Side Walk

Not a whole lot of people entered the front entrance where a number of us stood to counsel and to pray - two couples, two single women, and one woman dropped off. Most noteworthy was a situation with a very young, scared looking woman who when approaching the building was quickly surrounded by two escorts. Theresa and I attempted to talk to her and did our best, but the woman escort, a regular, grabbed her by the arm and steered her past us into the door of PP. I would have talked to Steve (and maybe still will), but the other escort present (our doctor "friend" - a reasonable fellow), quickly...

Days at the Capital

Just got back from Catholic Days at the Capitol.  Visited with Senator Gruters and Rep. James Buchanan.  Both received us very graciously in their offices and we were able to talk to them about the Parental Consent Bill.  Gruters is a sponsor of the bill and Buchanan is co-sponsoring it.  We heard the debate in the Senate Chamber.  Most enlightening.  Senator Farmer argued that it would cost $250,000 to raise a child; so if a parent were not to give their consent, they should be made to sign an agreement to underwrite the unborn child's cost of living. (Can't make this stuff up!)  Senator Burman argued...

40 Days of Life Kickoff

Spring 40 Days for Life is just about here!  Our kickoff event will be held on Wednesday February 26 at 11:00 in the parking lot of the Community Pregnancy Clinic (CPCI), around the corner from Sarasota Planned Parenthood.  May God let this campaign, through our prayer and fasting, be the campaign that Sarasota Planned Parenthood closes its doors forever!! The guest speakers will be Pam Stenzel of CPCI and Dr Gerard Nadal.  Dr Nadal is a prolife professor, scientist and featured columnist for Headline Bistro and  As president and CEO of the Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer, he is active in several prolife initiatives, including Pope...


  • 2/20 at 6:30pm St Thomas Moore, Sarasota
  • 2/21 at 7pm Our Lady of the Angels, Lakewood Ranch
  • 2/28 6:40 pm Incarnation Sarasota, St Martha’s Sarasota
  • 3/1 1:30 pm Christ, Venice
  • 3/7 5:30pm St Patricks, Sarasota

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Pro-Life Missouri Governor Lights Up State Capitol in Purple to Celebrate National Adoption Month33c61276af989b27528902437812c8ae

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson highlighted the beauty of adoption this month by lighting the Missouri State Capitol dome in purple for National Adoption Month. Parson is a pro-life Republican who has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to caring for the most vulnerable members of society, born and unborn. “We light the dome purple to recognize National Adoption Month and open the hearts of Missourians to these special children who dream of a life with an adoptive family,” he wrote on Twitter over the weekend. Click Like if you are pro-life to like the LifeNews Facebook page! I’ve ordered the Missouri State Capitol dome & People’s House...

Nursing Student Wins Victory Against University That Discriminated Against Her Because She’s Pro-Life33c61276af989b27528902437812c8ae

A British midwife student won a legal victory against the University of Nottingham after it threatened to expel her because of her pro-life beliefs. The Samford Crimson reports Julia Rynkiewicz, 25, received an apology and won a settlement from the university this fall. Rynkiewicz is just one of many pro-life medical workers who are facing discrimination simply for believing that unborn babies are patients who deserve care, too. Earlier this year, Rynkiewicz said she was banned temporarily from finishing her hospital training after her instructors questioned her “fitness to practice,” according to The Telegraph. Their reason was her pro-life Catholic beliefs and her leadership...

San Diego Church Asks Supreme Court to Stop Gavin Newsom’s Discriminatory Lockdown3a23728328a9c04dc9a1b0c873a92211

Attorneys from the Thomas More Society filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari Before Judgment with the United States Supreme Court in a federal religious liberty lawsuit against California Governor Gavin Newsom. On November 24, 2020, attorneys filed the request on behalf of South Bay United Pentecostal Church and Bishop Arthur Hodges III – asking the high court to settle the circuit split concerning the constitutional standard for reviewing Free Exercise challenges to pandemic restrictions.  The church and pastor are asking the Supreme Court to put a stop to the discriminatory abuses of religious freedom by Newsom and his...

Man Who Raped His 11-Year-Old Daughter and Took Her for Abortion Will be Released...

A West Virginia man who was convicted in the rape of an 11-year-old girl who was forced to abort her unborn baby will be released on probation this fall, according to court documents. WCHS Eyewitness News reports a Cabell County judge issued a jail release order to Michael J. Adkins, 38, of Ona, on Tuesday. Adkins will serve probation and be confined to his home, according to the report. Adkins initially was arrested in 2014 on rape charges after authorities said he abused and impregnated his 11-year-old daughter and then forced her to have an abortion; the girl’s stepmother, Amanda Rea Adkins, also...

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler Donates Her Salary to Charity, Gives to Christian Adoption Agency33c61276af989b27528902437812c8ae

The way that U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia spends her money tells voters a lot about her character and priorities. Over the past year, Loeffler, a pro-life Republican, has donated her entire salary to charities, including to pro-life pregnancy centers that serve women and babies, adoption and foster care agencies and homeless shelters across the state, Breitbart reports. For the fourth quarter, she chose 10 charities to divide her $38,000 Senate earnings between, according to the report. These included Covenant Care Adoptions of Macon, Dream Weavers Foster Care of Alpharetta, and Obria Medical Clinic of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Obria is a pro-life center...


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