March 29, 2019

I went to see Unplanned last night at the Regal Hollywood Stadium 11, 1993 Main Street, Sarasota. My theater was sponsored by 40 Days 4 Life and the theater was full. Sarasota Medical Pregnancy sponsored two more theaters, and both were full. There was also a fourth theater showing Unplanned and this was 3/4 full!

The movie is also at the AMC Bradenton 20, 2507 53rd Ave. E. (SR 70) and at the AMC Sarasota 12, 8201 S. Tamiami Trail, (in the Westfield Sarasota Sq. Mall).

This is a MUST SEE movie for all pro-life advocates. It lays bare —

1. The extent to which we can deceive ourselves into thinking evil is good. One of the abortion staff at planned parenthood says: “I’m Catholic, but I believe I’m doing God’s work here.”;

2. The pain a woman can experience during various abortion procedures and for years thereafter; and

3. Of great importance, the lies planned parenthood tells —

i. Their client about abortion itself and the good that will result from killing her child; and

ii. The pubic about its desire to reduce abortion when its main source of revenue is abortions. This “business line” is the main one that funds the few other “services” it provides its clients.

The movie is in our area until Wednesday; but if the crowds are good it will stay on for as long as it brings patrons into the theaters. Please go see this movie; eat and drink the concession products (the theaters main source of their revenue) and tell you friends to go also. This is the best opportunity I have ever seen to lay bare, and expose, the evil that is abortion and the evil empire that is planned parenthood.

The Truth shall set us free and Unplanned is a huge arrow in our quiver to do just that for millions of our fellow citizens.

Thank you, Our Father, for this movie and bless all of those who made it possible. Amen.

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