Abortion activist Nandita Bajaj thinks fewer babies will save the planet.

In a column published at Newsweek, Bajaj, the executive director of Population Balance, said she wants society to embrace the idea that not having children is a “positive choice” and a “path to a positive future” for the Earth.

She criticized experts who have been warning of the devastating impact of declining birthrates, dismissing them as alarmists while spouting her own radical pro-abortion alarmist theories.

For example, Bajaj claimed it is “essential” for society to fight against the idea that having children is a good thing, warning that “our collective survival and prosperity” depends on ending the “outdated pronatalist” belief.

Bajaj said she is worried that too many human beings will ruin the environment.

“Pronatalism is also fueling population growth and rising consumption, which have mounting consequences for people and the planet. This growth was one of the strongest drivers of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels over the last decade and is a factor in the Sixth Mass Extinction,” she wrote.

She even argued against government policies that value children and support families, claiming they can lead to violence against women. If women don’t have children, she said they can work and care for their aging parents and relatives instead.

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Bajaj criticized popular culture for valuing children and families, too, continuing:

Media, advertising, and pop culture glorify and sentimentalize pregnancy and parenthood. Influencers and corporate elites like Elon Musk (who has 129 million Twitter followers and nine living children) extol the virtues of large families and spread alarmist propaganda about depopulation. …

Even progressives who champion women’s rights and social justice can be unwittingly unhelpful on this front. The notion that “you can have kids and fight climate change at the same time” is meant to be empowering, but it ignores how unrestrained growth drives climate change and biodiversity collapse. Arguing we must defuse the “demographic timebomb” to achieve shared prosperity and support retirees may be motivated by justice, but it also plays into pronatalist narratives that treat women’s bodies as vessels for a growth agenda. Such messages can be used as cover to justify abortion bans and other policies that harm women.

But alarmist predictions about population growth leading to environmental ruin have never come true, and they have been around for centuries. Instead, these notions have led to some of the worst human rights abuses of the past 100 years including abortion on demand and China’s one child policy, under which countless mothers were forced to abort their unborn babies and forcibly sterilized.

Children are valuable, and human beings are innovative. As the population grows, society finds new ways to create and use resources as well as protect the environment. The family is one of the fundamental foundations of society, and, contrary to what Bajaj claims, devaluing the family is what will lead to society’s ruin.

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