Pro-abortion activist and writer Hannah Matthews felt comforted and affirmed by the gifts people brought her when she aborted her unborn baby.

In a column published Monday at TIME, she described how she held her 1-year-old son on her lap with a stuffed rabbit that someone had given him as a gift for her abortion – all the while his unborn sibling was being killed inside her with the abortion pill.

“The givers wanted to make this complicated moment of my life a little brighter, a little warmer, a little easier, a little less lonely,” she wrote.

Matthews advocated for abortion gift-giving as another way of supporting the killing of unborn babies in our culture.

“When someone shares with you that they are having, or have had, an abortion, they are inviting you to take a step closer to them and a step into your own humanity. Take that step, and–just as you would when accepting any other sort of invitation–bring a gift with you when you come,” she wrote.

Claiming abortion is just a normal part of life, she likened it to “birth, miscarriage, infertility, and so many other human experiences.” Except, it isn’t. Abortions intentionally and unnecessarily kill unborn babies – unique and irreplaceable living children inside their mothers’ wombs. Birth, miscarriage and infertility do not compare because they are not intentional acts that kill.

But Matthews, in trying to justify her own abortion and so many others that she has helped with as an abortion doula, never mentioned what an abortion is or her unborn baby. Instead, she focused on how family and friends supported her in much the same way they did when she gave birth to her oldest child.

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“The days and weeks following my abortion were reminiscent of the days and weeks that had followed my son’s birth, when a constellation of community members had rallied for a postpartum mother and her family,” Matthews wrote.

She said her husband’s job was supportive, too, when he told them, “I’m leaving early today and I won’t be in tomorrow. Hannah’s having an abortion.”

“In short: I’m lucky to have received not just the care and support I needed, but the care and support that any of us would dream of,” she continued. “… when the gifts began to arrive, I suddenly realized just how necessary those ‘extra’ expressions of solidarity and love were, how crucial to my survival of that moment and my perception of my inherent worth and goodness.”

Matthews said she received food and snacks from neighbors and toys for her son. In other cases she knew of, one woman’s older children had their bedrooms redecorated by family while their mother aborted their youngest sibling, and another mother had a “very Christian” friend register a star in the name of their “maybe baby” who was aborted.

The intent of Matthews’ column was to encourage support for abortion, which is troubling in and of itself. But it is even more so because, by her own admission, she had a lot of support from family and friends – support that could have enabled her and her husband to care for their second child. One of the main reasons she gave for the abortion was financial instability, but the gifts and outpouring of support she received shows that they easily could have raised both children well with the help of family and friends.

For all the gifts that she received with joy and thankfulness, Matthews could not see the greatest gift of all was her child’s life. And she threw it away.

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