Pro-life Californians stood up to their state leaders’ radical pro-abortion agenda Monday in Sacramento, promising to keep fighting to restore protections for unborn babies.

Pro-life leaders, lawmakers and charities that help families in need encouraged the crowd to persevere in the fight for life during the 3rd annual California March For Life at the state Capitol, the Sacramento Bee reports.

“There’s two groups of people inside that building,” California Family Council president Jonathan Keller told the crowd. “There’s people that need to hear your voice, because they’re doing the wrong thing. But just as important, there’s people in there that need to hear your voice because they are doing the right thing: … fighting to defend the sanctity of human life.”

CapRadio estimated about 500 pro-lifers participated, including several Republican lawmakers. Despite numerous setbacks for life in the state legislature, Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno, said pro-life lawmakers will not give up.

“We’re not going away. We’re growing stronger every day,” Patterson said. “And we will continue to live pro-life everywhere we are, in every set of circumstances, because we are going to be a witness for life and there will be saved babies.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrats who control the state legislature have been working aggressively to expand killing unborn babies in abortions, including by dumping tens of millions of tax dollars into the abortion industry. Currently, the legislature is debating a bill, AB 315 sponsored by Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, D-Livermore, that would punish pro-life pregnancy resource centers for alleged “misinformation.”

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Students for Life California regional coordinator Mary Logan Miske said it’s important that pro-lifers continue to make a public stand for life at events like the March for Life.

“Nothing’s a lost cause, and I think it’s really important that we continue to be the opposition,” Logan said.

Conservative podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey, one of the keynote speakers, also encouraged pro-life advocates not to give up hope.

“It might sometimes feel hopeless in the state of California. But remember we once felt that way about Roe v. Wade. Do not tell me that things can’t change,” Stuckey said.

A small group of abortion activists tried to disrupt her speech and others’, using megaphones and sirens to make loud noises to drown out the speakers. According to CapRadio, the abortion activists were removed from “Capitol grounds by California Highway Patrol officers for disrupting the March for Life’s permitted event.”

Commenting afterward on Twitter, Stuckey wrote: “Just spoke at the California March for Life on the steps of the state Capitol. Protesters played sirens throughout my speech. I’m thankful they recognize what an emergency it is that California has sanctioned the murder of babies through pregnancy!”

Others spoke about the resources pro-life advocates are providing to help mothers and babies in need. According to ABC 10, Jackie Turner, minister of communication and church relations for Acres of Hope, explained how her organization offers shelter and other support for homeless mothers and children.

“While they live with us, we help them turn their lives around,” Turner said. “We help them get employed and we help them get their kids back from foster care. The moms that come in come from a lot of addiction, abuse, violent situations, and they’re actually looking for refuge so that they can change it for their children.”

California has very few limits on abortion, and it forces taxpayers to pay for them. A new law that just went into effect forces all public colleges and universities to provide abortions on campus – even though California has the highest number of abortion facilities in the country at 168, according to an ANSIRH study.

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