Saturday, March 28, 2020
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View from the sidewalk

Tuesday Vigil, 6/25 FROM BENTLEY It was sad to say goodbye to Isa today as she won't...

View from the SideWalk

THURSDAY 12/25 Sylvia and I did go to Planned Parenthood today for a couple of hours, but it was evident that no abortions were...

DriveWay Report

Bentley, who's busy with her family as they are in the process of moving asked me to share her report. Eight couples went in through the back driveway - and two single women. She and her sweet sister, Lacey were able to give out a number of packets - thank the Lord. One young man, whose, girlfriend or wife was in there for an abortion, told the girls that he was going in to try to get her out of there. At this point, we do not know if he was successful. We can only hope and pray!

View from the SideWalk

Traffic was a little slow this morning at the 8th St. driveway until 10 AM when a single woman entered from across the parking lot. She didn't respond to...

View from the SideWalk

Since both Linda and Sylvia were home sick, I had to do more counseling than usual on a Tuesday - I tend to leave...

Days at the Capital

Just got back from Catholic Days at the Capitol.  Visited with Senator Gruters and Rep. James Buchanan.  Both received us very graciously in their offices...

View from the SideWalk

Not only were poor babies slaughtered by the rage of Herod against the Christ Child, but Pharaoh in his fear of the Israelites commanded all Hebrew boys be drowned, though we know Moses was drawn from the water to lead the people of God to freedom and found a holy nation. I pray the slaughter of so many innocents in our midst today bear similar fruit unto Heaven, by the grace and almighty power of God.

View from the Side Walk

Not a whole lot of people entered the front entrance where a number of us stood to counsel and to pray - two couples, two single...

A Sidewalk Turnaround

As Kathryn mentions below, a couple to whom Kim had given a brochure in front came out of PP and sat a while on...

Tuesday Vigil – 11/26/19

We wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving! I will make this as brief as I can, I have to prepare for over 30 people who will be gathering at our home - Praise the Lord. About 8:45, when only a few prayer warriors were present, four couples slipped in through the front door. Dave and his wife, Kay were there to reach out to them. I got there a little before 9:00, and another abortion bound couple went past us into the front door. They were determined to reject our offers of help. No escorts were present at that time to tell them to go through the back entrance. Those of us who can, must try to get there earlier.