America’s biggest abortion business couldn’t wait to resume killing babies in Wisconsin. Even though the state Supreme Court has not yet overturned a pro-life law protecting babies from abortions, the abortion giant resumed abortions on Monday.

This summer, a Dane County judge ruled that the 1849 law protecting babies from abortions can’t be allowed to stand under the state constitution. The case is pending at the state’s highest court, but Planned Parenthood is in a hurry to make money from abortions.

Dane County Judge Diane Schlipper is reportedly set to announce that he is issuing an order preventing prosecutors from prosecuting abortionists under the law – which effectively allows Planned Parenthood to do illegal abortions without any accountability.

And the abortion business pounced, claiming ending the lives of unborn children is “health care.”

But the state’s Catholic bishops are not happy about the decision:

The Wisconsin Catholic Conference, the public policy voice of Wisconsin’s bishops, expressed “deep sadness and dismay” that Planned Parenthood plans to resume abortions in Wisconsin starting Sept. 18.

The decision “is not a step forward, but a real step backward for human rights,” the Madison-based conference said in a statement Sept. 14. “It bears repeating that taking a human life is not health care, for it is neither healthy nor caring. Abortion is seen as a quick solution to human problems.”

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At the same time, it said, “an unexpected pregnancy can present real and significant challenges. Just as every child deserves protection, every woman deserves access to resources and community support throughout her pregnancy and in the years to come.”

“Every woman deserves high-quality prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care, maternity leave, childcare, and other necessary supports for her and her family,” the conference said, adding that “the Catholic Church stands ready and willing to walk alongside women experiencing challenges during pregnancy and parenthood.”

“Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is confident in our decision to resume abortion care in Wisconsin,” Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin president Tanya Atkinson said in a video posted Thursday.

“Abortion is health care, and the people of Wisconsin have been without this critical health care since Roe was overturned,” she said.


Madison and Milwaukee Planned Parenthood centers will resume abortions but babies will not yet lose their lives at its Sheboygan facility. That effectively ends the 15 months of legal protection unborn children and their mothers have enjoyed in Wisconsin since the Supreme Court overturned Dobbs.

But Democrat Gov. Tony Evers celebrated the news, saying “This is critically important news for Wisconsin women and patients across our state,”

The abortion giant will not offer prenatal care for women or much help with adoption referrals.

Dan Miller, Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director, offered the following comments:

“Abortion is not health care. It is the direct, intentional killing of a living pre-born human being and is currently outlawed in Wisconsin. The Dane County Circuit Court has not ruled that our current law abortion ban, state statute 940.04, is unenforceable nor has it placed an injunction on it. The law has not been revoked or modified by the state legislature. Apparently, Planned  Parenthood has great confidence, if not total certainty, that our new liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court will overturn s.940.04 in the near future. Is the fix in? With Justice Janet Protasiewicz’ outspoken support for ‘abortion rights’ on the campaign trail, it appears so,” he said.

“Pro-Life Wisconsin will fight for the enforcement of our current abortion ban, s.940.04. And we will continue to change hearts and minds through social media, billboard campaigns, educational outreach, support of pregnancy resource centers, and sidewalk counseling in front of abortion centers.

“Pro-Life Wisconsin is dedicated to reaching out to moms and dads at the front lines of the abortion battle wherever abortions occur in Wisconsin. We will continue to exercise our first amendment free speech rights in the public right of way at these abortion centers, being the voice for the unborn babies of Wisconsin at such a critical time in their lives. We know that when there are people praying in front of abortion centers, moms and dads choose life. We encourage all pro-life people to join us in protest at Planned Parenthood’s abortion and referral centers throughout the great state of Wisconsin. We will never rest until our pre-born brothers and sisters in Christ are protected as persons under the law from fertilization forward.”

Under Roe, abortions were legal for any reason up to 20 weeks in Wisconsin, and more than 6,400 unborn babies were aborted every year.

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