In an interview Saturday, CatholicVote President Brian Burch encouraged bishops to speak out about the ongoing scandal of federal law enforcement infiltrating and surveilling Catholic churches.

Under pressure from the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, the FBI admitted in early April that it had been working to infiltrate Catholic churches, cultivate “sources” among American Catholics, and recruit lay Catholics and “local diocesan leadership” to report on suspicious activity.

Burch called out the FBI for acting as though “Catholics have somehow become a threat to democracy” during his interview with Fox & Friends on Saturday.

“Let’s be clear, it’s no longer just Latin Mass Catholics,” Burch said, alluding to an FBI memo leaked in January that targeted what the FBI’s Richmond, VA field office called “radical-traditionalist” parishes.

The FBI has since admitted that “they’re now pursuing ‘mainline Catholic churches.’ And the question is – and many Catholics are asking across the United States – is it still okay to be Catholic and believe what Catholics believe and still be an American?” Burch said.

Asked why bishops have been “silent,” Burch pointed out that some Catholic leaders have spoken out, including Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, who last month blasted the FBI for engaging in “religious profiling” against Catholics.

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“There are some that have spoken out,” Burch said Sunday. “The Richmond bishop has, Cardinal Dolan has, other bishops [have], and others have been strangely silent, and we can only wonder why that is.”

“We need to hear from all Church leaders right now, ‘cause it’s not just this FBI memo, it’s a combination of things,” Burch added:

It’s the failure of the administration to defend our churches that are being vandalized. Over 300 Catholic churches have been desecrated, firebombed, attacked by vandals – and of course the way this administration is treating Catholic pro-life activists like [Catholic] father Mark Houck.

Earlier in the interview Burch also pointed out that the Catholic Church’s historic teachings pose a threat to those in the Biden administration who are pursuing radical progressive policies.

“I think Catholics stand in the way of this woke ideology that’s dominating this administration, whether it be on the pro-life issue since the Dobbs decision in particular, whether it be on the gender revolution and the exploitation of our children, or just the role of religion in general,” Burch said. “You know the Catholic Church is a 2000-year-old institution that’s stood in the way and stood up to governments, and I think there’s some fear on the part of this administration that Catholics themselves pose a problem for the agenda that they’re trying to impose on this country.”

Readers can watch the full interview with Brian Burch below.

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