On PBS’s weekly journalist roundtable show Washington Week, Nia-Malika Henderson of CNN hit a trifecta of liberal bias, dismissing the import of President Biden’s classified document scandal, taking a crack at the “so-called pro-life movement,” and using a failed Republican candidate from New Mexico to claim that election denialism and Trump’s violent rhetoric was a nationwide threat to Democrats.

While the other panelists (Jonathan Lemire of Politico, Weijia Jiang of CBS News, and PBS’s Lisa Desjardins) were moderately tough on Biden over the ongoing discovery of classified documents dating from his time as vice president, Henderson defended Biden as a churchgoing family man, and agreed with Democrats that the American people were too shrewd to take the scandal seriously.

PBS host Yamiche Alcindor and Henderson each used the term “hiccup” for how minor this scandal is:

Nia-Malika Henderson: ….Democrats I talked to about this say listen, this is sort of tempest in a D.C. teapot, that it is much ado about nothing. You saw I think President Biden echo that today. They think that voters are much more savvy than we give them credit for, that they sort of lived through this with Hillary Rodham Clinton, they lived through this obviously with what happened with the Donald Trump as well very recently and they can tell the difference between whether or not there or something possibly nefarious going on that would possibly warrant something like we saw with Donald Trump, versus what we are seeing with Joe Biden.

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I do think there is something else at play here. Joe Biden in terms of his political brand, it is that he is different from Donald Trump, he’s competent, he’s been in public office and public life for many many years. So that was part of his calling. There is also I think something else. Generally people think of him as being a decent human being, a decent person, a family man, he goes to church, he is loyal to his wife. And those sort of intangibles I think will serve him very well as whatever unfolds with this special counsel. Listen there is fear, though, with a special counsel — we’ve seen, for instance, with Bill Clinton, it can end up you know, you can sort of begin with a real estate deal and end with a soiled blue dress right, and impeachment….

When host Yamiche Alcindor later asked her about the March for Life and the “new sort of battlefield” around abortion, she responded with hostile labeling of the pro-life movement.

Henderson: ….In terms of politically I think you’re going to see in 2024, the so-called pro-life movement, they are going to try to put up a candidate that wants to have a federal abortion ban. In terms of I think the pro-choice movement, you saw I think a kind of renewed commitment to the pro-choice movement and the pro-choice situation in Roe v. Wade in a way that I think Democrats and liberals weren’t so fiercely proponents of abortion….

So the “so-called pro-life” movement is dubious, but the “pro-choice movement” is simply who they say they are?

Alcindor later brought up Solomon Pena, the failed GOP New Mexico state House candidate who hired four men to shoot up Democrat officials’ homes in Albuquerque.

Henderson: Yeah, listen there has been a tenfold increase in threats against lawmakers going back to 2016. Many people sort of tie this to the rise of Trump, the rise of Trumpism and the kind of rhetorical violence we have heard from him over these many years

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