Two former Fox News personalities showed CNN’s corrosive effect on the brain on Wednesday’s CNN Newsroom as host Alisyn Camerota resorted to insults as she accused Sen. Lindsey Graham, and presumably anybody else who favors restricting abortion to 15 weeks, of not knowing how pregnancy works. Meanwhile, senior political analyst Kirsten Powers would call positions she used to hold at Fox “pretty bad.”

Referencing the Graham and his bill, Camerota asked, “Kirsten, I want to stick with you, what is Senator Lindsey Graham doing?”

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As Powers laughed, declaring “I don’t know,” Camerota continued, “Why is he proposing—well, honestly, I don’t understand this. Why is he proposing a federal anti-abortion law that would ban all abortion across the country at 15 weeks? I don’t think that he understands how pregnancy works? You don’t often get testing, important testing until 20 weeks. What is this that he’s doing?”

What does testing have to do with anything? Either it is a life or it isn’t? Apparently, Camerota thinks the entire country of France doesn’t know how pregnancy works, because the French put the limit at 14 weeks.

For her part, Powers responded by asserting that, “Yeah, well, I don’t think he really cares to understand it, and he, you know, he’s clearly established himself as somebody who is pretty extreme on this issue. I mean, he had a previous bill that was at 20 weeks so this one is worse than that one but the 20 weeks ban also is pretty bad.”

Before she worked at CNN, Powers condemned her fellow liberals for cheering for Texas State Senator Wendy Davis as she filibustered a 20 week ban. She has claimed to have an honest change of heart, arguing late-term abortions aren’t black and white, but all she did on Wednesday was argue for a black and white approach for the opposite side.

Powers finished up her description of Graham’s bill by labeling it “very radical” and claiming that it “will definitely alienate voters.”

You know what else alienates voters? Calling them stupid, like Camerota did. And the media wonder why their own poll numbers have cratered.

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LifeNews Note: Alex Christy writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.

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