This past Wednesday through Saturday, the Conservative Political Action Coalition (CPAC) held its conference in Washington, DC. I was there for the entire conference along with our Executive Director, Janet Morana. Our friend and colleague Abby Johnson and some of her team were there as well.

And it was a very good fit for pro-life people. It is helpful for our movement to understand why that is the case.

The themes of the key talks pointed to the foundation of our efforts on behalf of the unborn. Let’s start by looking at the founding principles of CPAC and the conservative movement itself.

As the CPAC charter points, out, “Conservatism is the political philosophy that sovereignty resides in the person.”

In other words, government, law and political power exist for the human person, not the other way around. Our nation was founded on a declaration of independence from tyranny, independence from the idea and practice of power being concentrated in an individual to whose decisions the people had no input and against whose decisions they had no recourse.

Can government be any more tyrannical than when it defines a human being to no longer be a person? That’s exactly what legal abortion does.

In fact, St. John Paul II, in his encyclical The Gospel of Life (Evangelium Vitae) declared that when a government legalizes abortion, it “is transformed into a tyrant State” (n. 20, emphasis in original).

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He also calls it “the death of true freedom.”  (Stunning lesson for a movement that tries to present abortion as “freedom.”)

It’s no surprise, then, that there is a natural consistency between the pro-life movement and a political movement that fights for freedom against intrusion and control of an oversized government.

The talks at CPAC pointed out the fact that in many ways we no longer govern ourselves. We have to return power and protection to individual rights and families, not big government bureaucracies that in fact are run by nameless, faceless, unelected people who are often opposed to the very policies that people elect the President to implement. These include pro-life policies, and the reality of the Deep State is a key reason why pro-life progress is often so slow even under a pro-life president.

This has to be exposed. Many speakers called for the big agencies to be reformed, reduced, de-funded and even abolished. The persecution of pro-life people by the FBI and Department of Justice were brought forth by many speakers as Exhibit A.

Many of the talks also showed how the people need to take back the systems of education and health care. In both of these arenas, the Democrat Party is imposing an anti-life, anti-parent worldview and pushing immorality, destruction and death on our children and families.

The pervasive “Critical Race Theory,” which the elected officials who spoke at CPAC have a track record of abolishing, is based on a wider “Critical Theory” which denies absolute truth and objective morality. (Not only ethics, but even science and mathematics are considered “racist” by these extremists.)

It is hard to imagine anything more antithetical to the pro-life movement and its very foundations. A theme echoed throughout the speeches was that we are in the midst of a battle against enemies whose views cannot be reconciled with ours, and who want to destroy our values, our freedom, and our nation. We have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is not “dialogue” or “unity,” but victory.

There is not a “coming storm.” The storm is here, right now. And it’s a global storm. Various international speakers at CPAC encouraged us with reports of progress being made in other parts of the world, showing us that we can push back on the pro-abortion “woke” agenda.

It is indeed a global battle, and the fact that conservative movements battle against globalism ties in with the pro-life effort, as we see globalists try to push – so far unsuccessfully – an “international right to abortion” that would supersede any national progress in protecting the unborn. The Democrat Party speaks and acts in such a way as to show that it is all-in on the globalist pro-abortion agenda.

These and so many other related points were themes of the numerous interviews I was able to do with the media who were camped out at CPAC and who could not have been more supportive of our efforts to spread the pro-life message.

Indeed, the pro-life movement received a strong boost this week. Thank God for our friends in the conservative political movement who are defending the very foundations on which our efforts build.

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