A tragic death and a pastor’s sermon changed the heart of former California abortionist Dr. Vansen Wong.

Today, Wong, an OB-GYN, is an outspoken voice for life, sharing his conversion story and testifying to state lawmakers about the value of every human life.

In a new interview with CBN News, Wong said he began working as an abortionist early in his medical career to make some extra money, and hundreds of unborn babies died at his hands in first-trimester abortions.

“I viewed it as providing a service,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘Well, abortion’s legal in this country, by law, our healthcare company has to provide abortion services, and it’s gotta be somebody in our specialty. And if I don’t help out in this cause, then it’s just going to fall on a couple of people.’”

At the same time, he also was providing maternal health care and delivering babies. Then one day, Wong said one of his patients, an 18-year-old mother, died soon after giving birth. He said the young woman’s death devastated him – even though he did not know what more he could have done to save her.

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Afraid of losing his job, he remembered praying: “’God, if you can get me through this mess, I’ll be yours.’ And so that’s how I became a Christian.”

For a little while, however, Wong continued to do abortions. Then, his pastor’s sermon at church one day put an end to that, according to the report. When the pastor spoke about “barbaric” partial-birth abortions, Wong realized that what he was doing to first-trimester unborn babies was just as wrong.

“That made me realize, ‘God, you are telling me that abortion is wrong,’” he told CBN News. “And within a short period of time, as I was walking back to the parking lot, I realized that what I was doing with my small plastic tube was no less barbaric than what people who were doing these partial-birth abortions were doing.

“The body parts were smaller … but the act and the effect on that little baby was just as barbaric,” he continued.

Wong said that sermon was the only time he remembered the pastor preaching about abortion.

Recently, the pro-life OB-GYN has been speaking out against pro-abortion state measures in California, including Proposition 1, a state constitutional amendment that would allow unborn babies to be aborted for any reason up to birth. In the spring, he also testified to the state legislature against a pro-abortion bill that could decriminalize infanticide.

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