On Sunday’s This Week, anchor and former Clinton hatchetman George Stephanopoulos was forced out of his liberal bubble when reporting on his own network’s poll showing how truly unpopular President Joe Biden is with the American people. With inflation at a forty-year high, an economy teetering on recession, and one international crisis after another, you have to wonder why Stephanopoulos finds this at all surprising.

Turning to ABC’s political director Rick Klein, Stephanopoulos fretted: “This is just brutal for President Biden.” Klein was forced to agree with him since there was no way to spin this since this was their own network’s poll conducted with the liberal rag The Washington Post:

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Absolutely George and you talked earlier about that record low approval rating for President Biden, it’s actually six points down just since February. And the skepticism over his leadership extends deep inside his own party only 36 percent of Democrats think that their party should nominate Joe Biden for a second term. 58 percent say they would support someone else, prefer someone else. That’s despite the fact that the entire DNC, most of the Democratic establishment has rallied behind President Biden and you’re seeing real weaknesses in the coalition that powered Joe Biden to the presidency back in 2020.

Continuing to dissect the poll, Klein revealed that “Biden carried independents by 13 points against Donald Trump. He is now trailing Trump by nine points, among those same voters. He carried black voters by 75 points in 2020. Now he is up just 35. That may sound like a lot but the fact of the matter is in modern politics, that is not the kind of number that a Democrat needs to be victorious.”

Worst of all for the Democrats on ABC, the same poll showed former President Trump with a “seven-point edge” over Biden.

Toward the end of the segment, Klein reported “56 percent say that he should face charges over his attempts to overturn the 2020 election. What’s interesting to me about this, George, is that even among that 56 percent, the people that think that yes, Trump should face criminal charges, 18 percent say they would vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden anyway.”

This stunned Stephanopoulos who jumped in to admit “I have a hard time wrapping my head around that.”

Klein observed, “That just tells you about how much Trump is kind of baked into the political equation.”

LifeNews Note: Kevin Tober writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.

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