In his first public comments after a weekend interview in which he said heartbeat laws were a “terrible mistake,” former President Donald trump went after pro-abortion Democrats.

The Republican presidential hopeful said pro-life Americans have to expose the “radical” views Democrats like Joe Biden have on abortion – supporting abortions up to birth.

“We have to expose the Democrats, like Crooked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as being the true Radicals on the Abortion issue, in that they allow the killing of babies in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th months, and even after birth,” Trump said on his social media platform Truth Social.

“But it was OK to “rip the baby out of the womb” under Roe v. Wade, and destroy a living soul. Now, with Roe v. Wade no longer, the power to negotiate is with the Pro Life Movement, not the Radical Left Democrats who are so willing to destroy Life,” he added.

Trump said the best thing to do politically is support exceptions such as rape and incest – even though pro-life Americans understand that such babies are still human beings and that killing the baby in an abortion doesn’t undo the rape or prosecute the rapist.

“Like Ronald Reagan before me, I believe in the three exceptions for Rape, Incest, and the Life of the Mother. Without the exceptions, it is very difficult to win Elections, we would probably lose the Majorities in 2024, and perhaps the Presidency itself, but you must follow your HEART! In order to win in 2024, Republicans must learn how to talk about Abortion. This issue cost us unnecessarily, but dearly, in the Midterms,” Trump posted.

Trump also claimed credit for appointing the Supreme Court justices necessary to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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“I was able to do something that nobody thought was possible, end Roe v. Wade. For 52 years, people talked, spent vast amounts of money, but couldn’t get the job done. I got the job done! Thanks to the three great Supreme Court Justices I appointed, this issue has been returned to the States, where all Legal Scholars, on both sides, felt it should be. Now the Pro Life Community has TREMENDOUS NEGOTIATING POWER,” he concluded.

As LifeNews reported, in a weekend interview, Trump called a heartbeat law protecting babies from abortion a “terrible mistake.” In a new interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, the former president denounced Florida’s heartbeat law protecting unborn children from abortion after six weeks when their heartbeat can be detected, calling it “a terrible thing” and “a terrible mistake.”

During the interview Trump also would not commit to signing a pro-life bill to ban abortions at 15 weeks and Senator Scott said Trump was wrong to let blue states continue to kill babies in late-term abortions.

NBC’s Kristen Welker asked Trump: “If a federal ban landed on your desk, if you were reelected, would you sign it – at 15 weeks?”

“Are you talking about a complete ban?” Trump asked.

“A ban at 15 weeks,” Welker said.

“Well, people are starting to think of 15 weeks, it seems to be a number that people are talking about right now,” Trump said.

“Would you sign that?” Welker pressed.

“I would sit down with both sides and I’d negotiate something, and we’ll end up with peace on that issue for the first time in 52 years,” Trump said. “I’m not gonna say if I would or I wouldn’t.”

“I mean DeSantis would sign a five-week and six-week ban,” he added

“Would you support that?” Welker asked.

“I think what he did is a terrible thing and a terrible mistake,” Trump said.

“But we’ll come up with a number, but at the same time, Democrats won’t be able to go out at six months, seven months, eight months and allow an abortion,” Trump replied.

He also said abortion could be addressed at the state or federal level.

“It could be state or it could be federal, I don’t frankly care,” the former US President asserted. “No, no. Let me just tell you what I’d do. I’m going to come together with all groups, and we’re going to have something that’s acceptable.”

Trump’s comments immediately drew criticism from pro-life advocates.

Responding to those comments, DeSantis said during a radio interview while campaigning in Iowa that he was “proud” to sign the heartbeat law.

“Donald Trump may think it’s terrible. I think protecting babies with heartbeats is noble and just and I’m proud to have signed the heartbeat bill in Florida and I know Iowa has similar legislation,” DeSantis said. “I don’t know how you can even make the claim that you’re somehow prolife if you’re criticizing states for enacting protections for babies that have heartbeats.”

Responding to Trump’s remarks, pro-life leader Lila Rose of LiveAction was resolute. She said in no uncertain terms that she thinks Trump should not be the Republican presidential nominee.

“Trump should not be the GOP nominee,” Rose said on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Laws protecting the unborn are not a ‘terrible mistake,’” wrote Alliance Defending Freedom President Kristen Waggoner in response to Trump’s remark. “They are the hallmark of a just and moral society. Governors who protect life should be applauded, not attacked.”

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