Yesterday, the Texas “heartbeat bill” SB8 went into effect and predictably the media freaked out over the conservative measure. MSNBC host Joy Reid brought on Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren [Massachusetts] to panic over the bill that they claimed “preyed on vulnerable women,” and had brought “the Handmaid’s Tale to America.”

On her Wednesday night show, Reid referenced the dystopian novel and tv series in her opening monologue:

“Texas clinics are now turning away patients who are more than six weeks pregnant…By next summer, we could be living in our own version of the Handmaid`s Tale, where forced birth is the law in large sections of the country, including for children,” she dramatically warned.

Shortly afterwards, she prodded Warren to agree with her that America wasn’t far from the fictional land of Gilead: “You know, people think it’s hyperbolic when I tweet about The Handmaid’s Tale coming to America. But I don’t think it seems hyperbolic now. Does it to you?” she asked.

“No,” agreed Warren, whining that this law would punish “vulnerable” poor and trans women without “alternatives” to get illegal abortions or be “forced into carrying a pregnancy that you do not want to carry.”

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The MSNBC host turned her ire onto Republicans whom she fretted were “sending out vigilantes to collect $10,000 bounties on women’s heads.” Reid and her guest again claimed this law was encouraging poor women to perform dangerous illegal abortions.

Warren warned women were not going to “get the medical care, the treatment that they should be entitled to as human beings.” Not ironic at all. What about unborn female human beings?

Reid then trotted out the overused and false strawman that conservatives don’t care about women or babies after birth…because they don’t support even more government aid and control from cradle to grave (click “expand”):

REID: The other thing that really galls me about what Republicans are doing in Texas is they don`t give a damn about this — that 13-year-old girl who`s going to be forced to raise that kid. They`re not going to provide her health care. They don`t want to provide her an education. They don`t want to help her pay for college. They don`t want that kid to get health care. They don`t want to pass the Medicaid expansion. Can you just talk about — I mean, the fact is this, they`re leaving all of these people behind that they want born but they don`t care about them when they are born.

WARREN: That`s exactly right. This is not about providing — look at fight we`re having right now in Congress, universal child care, just a big one, child care so that mamas and daddies can go do work, right? Women have been forced out of the work force now. One out of four women who`s been forced out of the work forces said the problem is child care. So here we are, one of the things I`m fighting for, Democrats we`re fighting for is universal child care. Do the you know how many Republicans we have who are willing to help us on that? Zero.

After all that wailing about how pro-lifers were hurting vulnerable women, amazingly, Warren and Reid ended the segment encouraging support for abortion mill Planned Parenthood, which targets vulnerable women.

“So, everybody out there who is outraged today, help Planned Parenthood,” Warren urged, with a call to encourage lawmakers to make Roe “the law of the land.”

“Amen,” Reid agreed, adding, “You can get an amen for every single word for that.”

As usual, Reid wasn’t telling the whole truth about the bill. It doesn’t ban abortions strictly by the six week timeline, but outlaws them when a fetal heartbeat can be detected and the woman’s life is not in danger. The networks hid this part that morning as well. The bill furthermore cites how while as many as 30 percent of natural pregnancies can end in a spontaneous miscarriage, only about five percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

But MSNBC and their abortion-loving media allies don’t care about science, they just want to scare Americans with hyperbolic and misleading talking points. One of these, was Reid wailing about all the victims of rape and incest who get abortions, now can’t. As I noted one of the last times Reid had a freakout over abortion “rights,” the percentage of women who get abortions due to rape is less than one percent, and less than a half a percentage due to incest, according to one study by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.

LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.

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