Sam Bankman-Fried and cryptocurrency company FTX have been all over the news the past week. Bankman-Fried has been accused of running a sophisticated Ponzi scheme that artificially increased the value of his company FTX and his net worth to billions.

That was until the entire fraudulent scheme collapsed and now the company has filed for bankrupcy and the left-wing activist is worth nothing.

But before his financial world came crumbling down, Bankman-Fried spent $40 million funding Democrats and leftist initiatives during the 2022 election and had pledged to donate $1 billion to Democrat campaigns in 2024.

That’s the part most people know. But what they may not realize is that Bankman-Fried and his FTX buddies funded the pro-abortion campaigns that left multiple states with abortion on demand.

In Michigan, backers of Proposition 3 raised $60 million — easily outpacing the $17 million pro-life advocates cobbled together to protect babies from the measure that will allow abortions on demand up to birth in the state.

A closer look at the contribution records shows most of the funding for Proposition 3 came from out of state and 12 individuals contributed $1 million or more — for a total of $31 million. They virtually all hail from New York and Michigan. That list includes George Soros, the largest individual donor to Proposition 3.

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But it also includes 26-year-old FTX cryptocurrency exchange engineer, Nishad Singh. Before the company imploded, Singh, a former Facebook executive who currently lives in the Bahamas, contributed $4 million to the pro-abortion proposition 3 campaign.

What’s worse in this convoluted world of billionaire political spending is that new reports today indicate that Ukraine invested in FTX as Joe Biden and Democrats sent billions of American tax dollars to the country to fight Russia. So American’s hard-earned tax dollars funded Ukraine, which send money to FTX, which in turn sent it to Democrats to campaign.

It was also revealed that FTX had partnered with Ukraine to process donations to their war efforts within days of Joe Biden pledging billions of American taxpayer dollars to the country. Ukraine invested into FTX as the Biden administration funneled funds to the invaded nation, and FTX then made massive donations to Democrats in the US.

An article from the cryptocurrency news website Coindesk from March 15, 2022 reported that Ukraine partnered with FTX, and that “FTX is converting crypto contributions to Ukraine’s war effort into fiat for deposit at the National Bank of Ukraine.” Fiat is the legal tender or paper money of a particular country.

Putin invaded on February 24, and by March, the Biden administration had already sent a total of $2 billion to Ukraine for security assistance. On March 16, two days after the Ukraine-FTX partnership, Biden gave another $800 million to Ukraine. As of November, the US has sent over $60 billion to Ukraine.

There are a number of reasons why the Michigan ballot measure for abortions up to birth won — but millions of dollars of false pro-abortion ads funded by FTX and others out of state billionaires is the biggest or one of the biggest reasons why.

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