Shaohannah Faith is grateful to be alive.

Born under China’s oppressive One Child Policy, she was abandoned as an infant in a box in the Guangxi region in southern China. Later, as a toddler, a loving Minnesota woman adopted her and brought her to the United States, The Epoch Times reports.

Many other babies – especially girls — suffered worse fates, dying by forced late-term abortions or infanticide, the knowledge of which makes Shaohannah even more thankful for her own life.

“I knew about China’s one-child policy for pretty much as long as I can remember,” she told The Epoch Times. “The pressure that they put on people to have only one child, and especially in a male-driven society, to have a boy. I knew that I was one of the many girls who was abandoned and basically left to die because of the policy.”

Today, as a young adult, Shaohannah is a pro-life advocate who works to save other babies from similar fates. As the Washington, D.C.-area regional coordinator for Students for Life of America, she speaks with college students and lawmakers about the value of every human life.

For example, last July, she testified against pro-abortion legislation before the D.C. Council, asking them, “How much is a child like me worth?” She also plans to participate in protests later this month against CVS and Walgreens for their decisions to begin selling abortion pills, according to the report.

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“I love that I get to do something that I’m passionate about,” she told the newspaper. “I’m very blessed in that I have a wonderful team, and it’s a team of people who come from different backgrounds … but we can all unite around this fact that abortion ends human life, and we’re going to work to see abortion become unthinkable in our lifetime.”

Shaohannah said she is not angry at her birth parents because she realizes how terrible the One Child Policy was.

“It’s about this culture of death. They’ve created this devaluing of life in the womb, and we have that here as well. It’s not something new,” she said. “To me, that’s why part of this fight for preborn lives matters so much, because it’s taking a stand against … desensitization and dehumanizing.”

Under the Chinese Communist Party mandate, which ended in 2016, most families were only allowed to have one child. Human rights advocates reported numerous forced and coerced sterilizations and abortions including up to the ninth month of pregnancy, and a report from the Chinese Health Ministry estimated 336 million abortions under the policy since 1980.

Shaohannah commented: “I understand that in a country like China, there is a lot of pressure from the government. The choices that they may have had to make might not have been the choices they would have wanted for me. But I’m very grateful for the fact that they chose an option where I was able to be rescued, and live.”

She said she feels thankful that her birth mother gave her the gift of life, and she wants to help others do the same for their babies.

“A message that I want to convey is that life is a gift,” Shaohannah said. “It’s a gift that I’ve been given that I’m allowed to continue fighting for, and see it cherished more than it was when I was born.”

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