In a recent interview, Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted the breakdown of the family and said the lack of fathers is the main source of America’s problems.

“If you had every kid in America had a loving father in the home, we would have far, far fewer problems that we would have to deal with as a society,” the Florida governor said.

DeSantis points to fatherlessness as a main source of societal problems, such as violence and sexual issues and the governor called on fathers to set an example for their children by being “interested” and “present” in their lives.

“I do think there are a lot of problems, but if you could just snap your finger and do one thing, and you did this where the fathers were in the home, you would not even need to worry about a lot of these other problems,” added DeSantis in his interview with First Class Fatherhood.

Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau strongly correlates with DeSantis’ remarks. According to numbers, over 18 million children in the United States, who make up one out of every four kids, grow up without a father in their home.

DeSantis and his administration are using these statistics to urge fathers to be present in their kids’ lives – and the governor himself has chosen to lead by example by raising several kids of his own, sacrificing his time at the office to be closer to his family.

“When my daughter was born, I was a member of congress at the time up in Washington,” said the governor, who . “So I’m looking at myself, I’m sitting up in my office in D.C., wondering, ‘Why the hell am I up here? I really want to be back down.’”

DeSantis said he tries to set a good personal example of the importance of fatherhood.

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He told the podcast that he now has more duties as governor, but he still finds the job to be more “family friendly” due to his office’s proximity to his home.

“I can go out and do stuff all day and be home for dinner,” he said. “Even if I get home late, I see them in the morning. And so part of the reason why I ended up running for governor is because I had two young kids at home, and so if I’m going to do public service I wanted to make sure I can do it in a way that is family friendly.”

“I try to get back for dinner, try to get back to put them to bed, get them up in the morning, and of course doing as many activities with them as possible,” DeSantis added, telling the podcast how he tries to keep his children involved in his duties.

“I brought my son to a multi-city stop one day. We did a bunch of press conferences. The last press conference, he fell asleep on the floor during the press conference, so I had to grab him and take him out,” he shared with a smile. “We do make an effort to involve them and let them be able to see what is really a great state to live in.”

DeSantis has also highlighted the importance of human life. In April he signed a bill to ban aboritons after 15 weeks, which is estimated to save as many as 5,000 babies from abortions.

“We’re here today to protect life,” Governor DeSantis said at a large ceremony to sign the bill. “We’re here today to defend those who can’t defend themselves.”

The governor said the bill “protects the rights of unborn children starting at 15 weeks. This is a time where these babies have beating hearts. They can move, they can taste, they can see, they can feel pain, they can suck their thumb, and they have brain waves.”

“Life is a sacred gift worthy of our protection, and I am proud to sign this great piece of legislation which represents the most significant protections for life in the state’s modern history,” he said.

“So this will represent the most significant protections for life that have been enacted in this state in a generation.”

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