Leave it to Hillary Clinton to come up with yet another absurd reason to support killing babies in abortions.

Earlier this week, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said he wants to prosecute cases where abortion activists facilitate out of state abortions in violation of the state’s pro-life laws protecting babies from abortions.

In reposting the story, Hillary Clinton complained that not enough people were speaking out against Marshall’s idea.

“I’m not seeing enough people talking about this horrific move by Republican officials in Alabama to restrict women’s freedom of movement. You’ve got to be kidding me,’ she said.

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Ironically, while she defends abortion as somehow facilitating “freedom of movement,” Hillary ignores how abortions kill babies and permanently end any freedom of movement for the 65 million babies who have already been killed in abortions.

Marshall has filed a motion in court to stop a lawsuit from organizations that fund killing babies in abortions. The state’s top attorney said he would investigate potential conspiracy or accessory charges for groups that openly fund or promote out-of-state abortions.

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