Pro-abortion politician Hillary Clinton basically advocated for euthanasia this week on Twitter when she lamented how pro-life laws are making it harder for unborn babies with disabilities to be aborted.

On Monday, the former first lady and former Secretary of State criticized Idaho for its abortion ban, Live Action News reports.

“An Idaho mother faced two options: Continue a pregnancy likely to end in miscarriage or stillbirth, with risks to her own health, or travel out of state for an abortion,” Clinton wrote, linking to a newspaper article. “These stories are playing out all over the country.”

The story was about a woman named Jennifer Adkins and her unborn baby girl who “likely had Turner syndrome, a chromosomal abnormality that ends in miscarriage in 99% of cases,” according to the Idaho Capital Sun.

There are adults alive today with Turner syndrome, and the disorder can be mild or severe. But rather than give her unborn daughter a chance, Adkins traveled to another state and had her aborted.

“It’s hard knowing that my body and the fetus are trying so hard to hang on,” she told the newspaper. “And we had to make a really hard decision. Do we try? But for what purpose? There’s no sense in bringing a child into this world that’s not going to survive anyway or have severe complications. And it’s not fair to any of us.”

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But Idaho and many other states believe it is not fair to deny a child their right to life, especially because of a disability. Abortions in cases of disabilities are basically the same as euthanasia, or “mercy killing,” which, throughout history, has led to massive, horrific human rights abuses.

Discrimination against people with disabilities is wrong and people on all sides of the abortion debate condemn it when the situation involves a born individual. In cases involving unborn babies, however, parents often are told it’s compassionate to kill their children. Some doctors pressure and coerce parents to abort their unborn babies after a disability diagnosis. In other cases, parents do not want to care for a child with special needs.

Some go through with aborting their unborn babies only to learn later that the test was wrong and their baby was healthy. A recent analysis by the New York Times found that some of the most common prenatal screening tests are not as reliable as parents often believe and many healthy unborn babies may be being aborted as a result of false positives.

But healthy or not, aborting an unborn baby is wrong.

Mollie Hemingway, the chief editor of The Federalist, responded to Clinton by reminding her of what she was advocating for: killing children with special needs.

“Hillary Clinton here argues for the killing of babies with Turner Syndrome. She should meet the author of this piece, who has Turner Syndrome,” Hemingway wrote, linking to a column by a woman named Caitlin Bawn who has Turner syndrome.

In Bawn’s piece, she expressed concerns that parents are being scared into choosing abortion instead of being presented with all the facts.

“Like Down syndrome or autism, Turner is a spectrum disorder with symptoms that range in severity, and a diagnosis is no indication of what an individual’s life will be,” Bawn said. “A girl who has it — like me — can be happy, intelligent, and highly successful.”

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