The House of Representatives today voted in favor of forming a new subcommittee chaired by pro-life Rep. Jim Jordan to investigate the weaponization of the the FBI and DOJ.

The call for thenew panel came as the FBI has arrested two dozens pro-life advocates for peacefully protesting abortion while dragging its feet over 250 cases of pro-abortion violence against pregnancy centers and churches.

The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government passed the House 221-211, with all Republicans voting for it and all Democrats voting against it. The subcommittee will consist of 13 members.

Here’s more:

The panel is expected to investigate not only how the executive branch has gathered information on citizens, but how it has worked with other bodies – including private sector companies to “facilitate action against American citizens.”

The resolution states that the committee will investigate how the executive branch agencies “collect, compile, analyze, use, or disseminate information about citizens of the United States, including any unconstitutional, illegal, or unethical activities committed against citizens of the United States.”

The subcommittee’s work would include “a full and complete investigation and study” and a final report to be submitted by Jan. 2, 2025, the resolution states. The subcommittee will have subpoena power.

House Republican Conference chairwoman Elise Stefanik of New York told Fox News Digital that “House Republicans are committed to ending the political weaponization of the FBI and DOJ’s abuse of power and restoring a government accountable to the people.”

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The vote comes as House Republican leaders introduced a resolution Tuesday to condemn violence against pregnancy centers.

“Since there has been ZERO accountability for the leaked opinion and ensuing violence, we are making the position of Congress crystal clear: Violence, property damage and threats MUST be condemned, and these clear violations of federal and state laws MUST be prosecuted,” Johnson wrote on Twitter.

Fox News reports the resolution points to more than 100 abortion-related attacks on pro-life organizations and churches since May, including arson, vandalism, threats and other property destruction.

In the resolution, Republicans accuse Biden administration leaders of failing “to take action to respond to the radical attacks” or protect the rights of pro-lifers with whom they disagree with politically. Thus far, federal authorities have not announced any arrests in connection to the numerous attacks.

“Congress condemns recent attacks, … recognizes the sanctity of life and the important role pro-life facilities, groups and churches play in supporting pregnant women, infants and families; and calls upon the Biden Administration to use all appropriate law enforcement authorities to uphold public safety and to protect [pro-life advocates’] rights,” the resolution states.


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