Have you heard the news? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential run is over, before it ever began. What a feat! But the crème de la Dems have declared it from the rooftops, and thus it must be so. And what was the death nail in his pre-made coffin? A heartbeat bill that bans abortions after six-weeks except in rare occasions that DeSantis is about to sign into law, kissing his (unannounced) chance of being president goodbye, according to the Democratic elite. Heartbeat bills are political suicide! they declare, and no one who supports one can hope to win over moderates.

But the truth is that DeSantis is doing nothing worse than following the will of the people who elected him. And it’s this that makes him the great foe of the Democratic machine.

Anyone remember Deathsantis? The boogeyman who kept beaches and businesses open? Remember how we were peppered with headlines that he would be solely responsible for the annihilation of Floridians? Who could forget an article from The Washington Post that informed readers that “In Florida, we love our beaches. Thanks to our governor, now we can die for them.”

While most elites in our country were hanging on every word from Dr. Fauci, DeSantis charted a different path. He followed science that showed lower COVID risks to young adults and that the virus didn’t spread in outdoor spaces. And he listened to his constituents when they said they needed to keep their jobs. Though D.C. was shouting in one voice that we all needed to lock down, it was DeSantis who was following science—and the will of the people.

That has been the hallmark of his governorship. And when the midterms came and everyone said his “radical” stance on social issues and COVID would sink him, he proved every critic wrong.

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If you listen to the Left, the lesson of the 2022 midterm elections was that access to abortion wins elections. In some cases, they were right. When GOP candidates refused to address abortion issues directly, they lost. And when they were vocal, pressing their opponents on their no-limits approach to abortion, often they won.

Just look at Stacey Abrams, Beto O’Rourke and Tim Ryan, Democratic darlings with Democratic positions on abortion. All of them lost their elections. Why? Ask them if abortion should be legal at nine months and cue the stammering. Not a single Democrat talking point could save them, because they know that stance is extreme and repulsive to the American public.

The Left insists that the repeal of Roe v. Wade represented a seismic shift for Americans in terms of public opinion on abortion. But poll after poll show that’s not backed by evidence. Research out of UCLA found that “despite intense media coverage after the leak of the Dobbs decision in April, there was almost no change in the importance of abortion to Americans.” By July, voters had reverted to their pre-leak voting preferences. Even the New York Times reported last week that there is “not yet evidence that abortion can determine the outcome of most political campaigns.”

And though DeSantis had just passed a 15-week limit on abortion, he won his primary by 19 points.

But there’s another reason to think that if DeSantis signs the heartbeat bill, he’ll be just fine. Recall that back in 2016, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump pressed Hilary Clinton during a debate on her abortion-up-to-birth stance. And to everyone’s shock, she didn’t refute it. Even CNN fact-checked it as “mostly true” and when CNN gives Trump a mostly true, you know it’s got to be true.

For many pro-lifers, that moment turned the tide. Americans everywhere started understanding what pro-abortion advocates were actually asking for, and they did not like it. After all, seven in 10 Americans oppose abortion after 15 weeks, including a majority women, Independents and rank-and-file Democrats. And even though we are told up-to-birth abortions never happen, there are six states in the U.S. and D.C. that allow up-to-birth abortions.

There is simply no evidence to suggest that DeSantis is now in trouble just because he might put a six-week heartbeat bill into law, a bill that reflects a majority of Floridians’ desire to protect babies with beating hearts, including Independents, women, and three in four of Hispanics.

DeSantis has his finger on the pulse of the people’s will with this bill.

Ultimately, critics say that if DeSantis were to go up against Biden after passing the heartbeat bill, Biden would have a field day with him. I say, given DeSantis’ track record of following the data and listening to the will of the people, it is Biden who will lose.

LifeNews Note: E.V. Osment is the VP of Comms for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, advocating for the human right to live. She’s spent her career serving as a communicator and humanitarian in non-profits.

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