A newly released “Yes on Issue 1” ad exploits the tragic story of the 10-year-old rape victim who was driven to Indiana last year for an abortion. This horrific case of abuse never should have occurred, and what this young girl and her child have suffered is devastating.  But the truth is if Issue 1 passes parents will have no control over this life-changing decision and predators will be free to prey on children with impunity.

Created Equal’s NEW AD focuses the narrative on one of our most powerful messages. The ad hits TV, digital, and streaming services today!

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“Extremist abortion advocates are airing ads filled with propaganda and lies. If Issue 1 passes all restrictions and regulations protecting women and babies that have been enacted in Ohio over the last several decades including parental consent will be wiped out in a single day. Ohio voters must defeat this radical measure,” said Mark harrington of Created Equal.

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