How pro-abortion is Joe Biden? So much so that he wants to reverse a decision to move the U.S. Space Command out of Alabama because the state protects babies from abortions.

President Trump announced that the US Space Command will be headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama just days before leaving office. But the Biden administration is taking steps to reverse that decision as payback for Alabama banning abortions in the wake of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

The move from its current headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs was expected to be a years-long process and a review by Biden Defense Department’s inspector general found the relocation “lawful” and “reasonable.”

But Biden officials have ordered a “review of the review” and, in March, top Biden officials indicated they were prepared to officially reverse the decision and keep the Space Command’s headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, an Alabama Republican senator, told Fox News that the Biden admin is “undermining our readiness by politicizing the location of Space Command.”

“Multiple independent, nonpartisan government reviews have Space Command headquarters would be best served in Huntsville,” he said.

Here’s more on the situation:

A report by NBC News on Monday cited a Defense Department official and another official – both unidentified by the network – saying that the Biden White House is “laying the groundwork” to reverse the decision to move Space Command headquarters from Colorado to Huntsville.

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Both officials painted the decision as one tied to the abortion issue.

The report also indicates that the Biden admin is pushing for reversal of the decision because Tuberville is blocking military promotions due to the new Defense Department policy of illegally paying for abortions.

Another source quoted by the network indicates that Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s one-man blockade of military promotions over the last three months is playing at least some role. APR reported last week that a D.C. source involved in the ongoing review of Space Command’s location said that Tuberville’s hold on military promotions was going to end up costing the state the Space Command and the billions of federal dollars that are poised to come with it.

Other lawmakers are also complaining about Biden’s political move to yank the commend from the pro-life state.

“President Biden’s plans would irresponsibly yank a military decision out of the Air Force’s hands in the name of partisan politics,” said Sen. Katie Britt in a statement. “Huntsville finished first in both the Air Force’s Evaluation Phase and Selection Phase, leaving no doubt that the Air Force’s decision to choose Redstone as the preferred basing location was correct purely on the merits. That decision should remain in the Air Force’s purview. Instead, President Biden is now trying to hand the Gold Medal to the fifth-place finisher. The President’s blatant prioritization of partisan political considerations at the expense of our national security, military modernization, and force readiness is a disservice and a dishonor to his oath of office as our nation’s Commander-in-Chief.”

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