Kamala Harris blasted pro-life Republicans on Tuesday for wanting to protect unborn babies from abortion, warning them not to “get in our way” as the Biden administration pushes to legalize abortions for any reason up to birth and force taxpayers to fund them.

Speaking at a pro-abortion rally kicking off President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, Harris emphasized abortion as a key issue of the 2024 presidential election, Fox News reports. Joining her were leaders of the biggest pro-abortion groups in the U.S., including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, NARAL Pro-Choice America and EMILY’s List.

Harris claimed unlimited abortion on demand is a “right,” contradicting the U.S. Supreme Court, and implied that any limits on killing unborn babies are “extreme.”

“These extremist so-called leaders would dare to tell us what is in our own best interest,” she said at the Howard University rally. “Well I say, I trust the women of America. I trust the people of America.”

Harris continued: “So don’t get in our way because if you do, we’re going to stand up. We’re going to organize, and we’re going to speak up, and we’re going to say we’re not having that. We’re not playing that!”

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The agenda that the Biden administration is pushing is extreme in most Americans’ views, but Harris hid this by not mentioning specific policy plans. Instead, she spoke in vague terms about rights and freedoms.

She went on to criticize heartbeat legislation, which polls show public support for, and implied pro-life lawmakers do not know what they are doing.

“They’re also saying they’re going to ban abortion. Six weeks into a pregnancy? Well, clearly most of them don’t even know how a woman’s body works because most women don’t even know they’re pregnant at that stage of a pregnancy,” Harris said.

Contrary to Harris’s claims, many of the lead sponsors of heartbeat bills are women, including Nebraska state Sen. Joni Albrecht and Florida state Rep. Jennifer Canady. Polls in both states show voters support laws that protect unborn babies from elective abortions once their heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy, with limited exceptions.

Many pro-life lawmakers also are doctors who understand much better than Harris and Biden that babies in the womb are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception, and second patients along with their mothers.

But Harris spoke to a crowd of abortion activists who already agree with her, and she claimed pro-life lawmakers are “tearing down rights and freedoms” by protecting unborn babies’ right to life.

“I am so deeply troubled and sad to stand before Howard students and have the conversation we’re having today,” she said. “Where there are so-called leaders who want you to bow down to them, to elect them, to praise them, to say they are strong when they are in the process of tearing down rights and freedoms. The people will not be deterred. The people will not be silenced.”

But the people do not support abortions up to birth, paid for with their tax dollars, and that is the Biden administration’s goal. Numerous polls show strong public opposition to taxpayer funding for elective abortions and strong public support for laws that limit abortions, especially after the first trimester.

In its first three years, the Biden administration has expanded abortions in ways no other president has tried, including by allowing abortion pills to be sold through the mail without ever seeing a doctor and forcing taxpayers to fund travel expenses and paid time off for military members and their families if they want an elective abortion.

The latest example of Biden’s pro-abortion activism is a national, taxpayer-funded hotline to promote killing babies. Last week, the Biden administration announced its Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will create the hotline at a cost of $1.5 million.

Biden, the oldest president in U.S. history, would be 86 if he were to complete a second term.

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