Kamala Harris continued her pro-abortion crusade Tuesday by urging Nevada college students to “lead” the effort to make abortion on demand legal again nationwide.

Harris, who spoke at the University of Nevada Reno, told the students that people are suffering in states where unborn babies are now protected from abortion, according to 2 News Reno.

“Folks, around our country, people are suffering around our country,” the Democrat leader said. “So even though it’s not in our backyard here in Nevada or California, please lead in this movement, and build up the energy and the momentum, to stand for our democracy, and our foundational principles, and the right for people to make their own decisions about their own lives.”

With total disregard for the lives and rights of babies in the womb, Harris went on to praise state lawmakers for advancing legislation this spring that would create a right to an abortion for basically any reason up to birth in the state constitution, The Express reports.

“What you are doing at the statewide level is so important,” she said. “It’s important because it is not only about the protection of the rights of the people of this state, but it is an example that these things can be done and it’s the right thing to do.”

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Along with college students, the crowd also included a large number of state Democrat lawmakers, Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and actress/producer Rosario Dawson, according to the report.

Harris has made abortion on demand a key issue of her political career, having once persecuted undercover investigator David Daleiden for exposing Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby body parts trade.

As vice president, she has aligned herself closely with the billion-dollar abortion industry, inviting abortion activists to the White House repeatedly and speaking frequently about the issue in appearances across the country.

Contrary to Harris’s claims, pro-life state laws are protecting people from suffering and death. New abortion data indicates more than 5,000 unborn babies are being saved from abortions every month since the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling in June. And as more states like Florida and Nebraska pass pro-life legislation this spring, that number is certain to grow.

Pro-life laws protect mothers, too. Abortion activists often downplay the physical and psychological risks of abortion, including the years of trauma and pain many women feel after aborting their unborn babies.

And while pro-abortion lawmakers and the Biden administration are dumping millions of dollars into the abortion industry, pro-life leaders and lawmakers are investing money and other resources into actually helping mothers and babies. Many pro-life states, including Mississippi and Texas, recently voted to expand support services for pregnant and parenting mothersincluding through Medicaid and increased aid to pregnancy resource centersmaternity homes and other nonprofits that provide resources to families in need.

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