Kamala Harris is on a tour of college campuses this week and the abortion cheerleader has made it know that she loves abortions up to birth and wants you to vote Democrat if you want to kill more babies in abortions.

Harris is pleading with young voters to supply Democrats enough votes to restore Roe v. Wade. After the Supreme Court overturned Roe in the Dobbs decision, Harris’ obsession has been to get Roe back in place via a vote in Congress for a measure that would put the decision in place in federal law.

That’s a virtually impossible task given that pro-life Republicans run the House and the legislation can’t get past a filibuster in the Senate. But Harris knows pushing abortion will turn out the college vote.

Harris, speaking at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro on Friday, said Biden need more pro-abortion Democrats in Congress to try to achieve that task.
“What the court took away, Congress can put back in place,” Harris said. “The vote is gonna matter.”

“When you all vote, it scares some folks,” she claimed.

“Don’t fall for it,” she said. “‘Cause when you all vote in your numbers, so much is going to change in our world.”

The vice president’s approval rating is stuck around 40% in part because she’s become the Democrats’ abortion cheerleader.

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SBA Pro-Life America’s North Carolina State Director Michelle Ashley condemned Harris’ comments, saying:

“Vice President Kamala Harris just kicked off her ‘Abortion Activism Around America’ tour aimed at indoctrinating our young people. Today, she spoke in the beautiful and vibrant state of North Carolina. While there, she continued to push her no-limits abortion-on-demand beliefs. But Harris needs to understand that North Carolinians do not support her radical approach. In fact, the majority of North Carolinians want serious limits on abortions, wanting no elective abortions after the first trimester. This belief stands in complete opposition to the Biden-Harris administration’s stance. I’m grateful to the brave North Carolinians who stand fearlessly for life in the face of this current administration’s nationwide no-limits pro-abortion push.”

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