Almost a week after the election, the Arizona gubernatorial race is still undetermined. Pro-Life Republican candidate continues gaining votes are more votes are tabulated, but she still trains pro-abortion Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs as allegations of voter suppression cloud the results further.

With 93% of the vote tallied, Hobbs has 50.5% and Lake has 49.5% — a gain of .3% over where she stood against Hobbs earlier in the weekend. Although Lake is behind by about 26,000 votes, most of the rest of the ballots to be counted come from Republican districts — making a comeback appear likely.

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Looking more granularly, 71% of remaining ballots are in Republican leaning Legislative Districts.

— Landon Wall (@LandonWall_) November 13, 2022

Meanwhile, the Arizona Republican Party is accusing the state of voter suppression given the problems with Election Day voting and machines not working properly in Republican areas. There’s no way of knowing how many voters in those GOP locales were adversely affected.

“Voter suppression reared its ugly head in Arizona at the hands of Maricopa County. Some wonder if it is just incompetence, while others question malfeasance. This cannot simply be accepted. It must be corrected before this election is certified. Exit polling shows that Republican voters were disproportionately disenfranchised by Maricopa County’s incompetence,” Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward released in a statement.

Ward continued: “We have no idea how many voters were unable to cast a vote at all, and we’ve been told that approximately 15% of Election Day ballots are going to digital adjudication – a process by which 2 strangers determine a voter’s intent. And those 2 strangers likely share a username and password with countless other people adjudicating ballots, meaning no individual can be held accountable for bad acts.”

“The Republican Party of Arizona holds Stephen Richer, Bill Gates, the Maricopa Election Department, and the other Supervisors absolutely responsible for making Arizona the laughingstock of America when it comes to fairly, efficiently, and transparently running our elections,” Ward continued.


Once again AZ elections are the laughingstock of America.

Voter suppression reared its ugly head in Arizona at the hands of Maricopa County.

Our data proves so ft. @Peoples_Pundit & @kelliwardaz

— Republican Party of Arizona (@AZGOP) November 13, 2022

On Friday, lake said she believes she will ultimately win.

“We’re going to win probably comfortably, and [Blake Masters] going to win but it’s going to be tighter. But we believe Blake Masters has a very, very, very good shot of winning, and they’re afraid,” Lake said. “They wanted, you know, the whole narrative, the reason they slow-rolled these results was, ‘Oh, the Trump-endorsed candidates didn’t do well. Didn’t do well.’ We’re going to win in Arizona and they’re going to have to eat their words.”

Lake is strongly pro-life while Hobbs supports abortion. Lake says she has always been consistently pro-life but called out Hobbs for trying to hide her radical pro-abortion views.

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“I support saving as many lives as possible. What I really want to know, and I’ve been waiting, I tune into you guys all the time, is I want to know where Katie Hobbs stands,” Lake explained to  local television station.

Meanwhile, Lake released television commercial during the campaign making her pro-life views clear — saying “We will never stop fighting for the unborn.”

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