Overnight, an unelected federal judge blocked enforcement of Texas’s SB8 law that made abortions illegal after a fetal heartbeat was detected. Thursday morning, all three network morning shows were so overjoyed by the news that it was their lead story.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, congressional correspondent Rachel Scott celebrated the news, but balanced her excitement with some heavy-handed Republican bashing. She cheered the “blistering” “scathing” opinion from the liberal judge, “handing victory to the Biden administration”:

And this was a blistering opinion. The judge saying from the moment that this law went into effect it has prevented women from exercising control over their own lives. The ruling handing the Biden administration legal victory but the fight is far from over. This morning, breaking news in the battle over abortion rights. The most restrictive abortion law in the nation now suspended.

A federal judge ruling the Texas ban on the procedure as early as six weeks into pregnancy was flagrantly unconstitutional. In a scathing 113-page opinion, calling it “an offensive deprivation of an important right.” The controversial and unprecedented law sparking outrage around the country. [ Abortion activists chanting ]

The judge even went out of his way to attack the GOP “scheme”, which Scott marveled at: “The judge taking aim squarely at the Republicans who crafted the law accusing them of contriving an unprecedented and transparent scheme by making it harder for the courts to knock down the law.”

But ABC gave plenty of sympathy to the other side. Scott spoke to Planned Parenthood employees who were still worried about getting sued for performing abortions. “Planned Parenthood said the number of patients at its clinics plummeted by 80% and call centers turned into crisis hotlines,” she fretted.

Of course, no pro-life activists or Republicans were given a chance to respond.

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NBC was ecstatic as well by the ruling.“Victory for the Biden administration!” The Today show teased. Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell continued congratulating he administration, “breathing a sigh of relief” this morning, touting their call to continue “the fight” against anti-abortion laws.

Showing footage of abortion activists protesting this past weekend, O’Donnell picked a side, calling abortion a “deeply personal and very public battle.” Abortion is only a “personal” right if you believe it’s not killing another human being.

However, NBC did have the distinction of being the only network interested in getting a reaction from the pro-life side. O’Donnell featured a soundbite from the Susan B. Anthony List criticizing, “Now an unelected judge has interfered with the clearly expressed will of Texans.”

Like ABC, NBC also feared some abortion clinics were still hesitant to resume abortions, for fear of a higher court reversing this judge’s ruling and being sued.

CBS’s Mornings had the shortest report of the three networks. Co-host Gayle King touted, “We begin with breaking news overnight from Texas on the state’s controversial abortion law. A federal judge is putting the measure on hold, calling it unconstitutional.”

Like O’Donnell at NBC, correspondent Jan Crawford noted the Biden administration and abortion advocates were “relieved.” She trumpeted the “strongly worded” lengthy ruling from Judge Robert Pitman calling the “offensive” law out for preventing women from “exercising control over their lives.”

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