Have you noticed how practically every piece of legislation designed to protect unborn children and their mothers is called an abortion “ban”? What is implied, of course, is that all abortions would be “banned.” For pro-abortionists, this is the dream scenario.

A bill that would prevent abortion after 15 weeks, a time at which the unborn child can feel pain, is called a “ban” by abortion advocates in the Democrat party and the media.  They never acknowledge that such a bill would still allow 95% of all abortions to continue.

A heartbeat bill that would prevent abortion after six weeks, a time at which the unborn child has a detectable heartbeat, is called a “ban” by abortion advocates in the Democrat party and the media.  They never acknowledge that such a bill would still allow 55% of all abortions to continue

This type of legislation will certainly save lives, but neither of these is a “ban” on abortion.

And yet, if pro-life members of Congress or state legislators would consider such legislation, the proponents of abortion would shout from the rooftops that pro-lifers are trying to “ban” abortion, hoping no one will notice that it’s not a real ban.

Notice that when referring to a heartbeat bill, which protects unborn children after six weeks gestation, the phrase “before many women even know they’re pregnant” is often included as a descriptor.  Women are not stupid.  Certainly, some don’t think they can or will become pregnant, or the girl may be too young and naive to understand the consequences but, by and large, men and women know that pregnancy is a possible consequence of sex.

Search online for “pregnancy test” and you will find that they are available from pharmacies, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.  I’ve seen them on the shelf at dollar stores.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to determine whether a pregnancy exists.  The claim that a bill will prevent most abortions “after six weeks, before many women even know they’re pregnant” is misleading and demeaning.

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Just because slightly more than half of abortions occur after six weeks does not mean the women didn’t know they were pregnant.  Many of them likely couldn’t decide what they wanted to do, or they were trying to avoid the abortion and were arguing with a boyfriend or parent to support a pro-life decision.

Something as simple as referring to pro-life legislation as a “ban,” or saying that women won’t know they’re pregnant before a time at which abortion is no longer allowed, are the kinds of corrections we need to make.  If you see this language in your local newspaper or in an on-line comment section on some website– challenge the language.  Add pertinent facts to educate other readers.

If you can write a letter-to-the-editor of the local paper, please do so.  Check with them regarding the requirements and word limit– 250 words is common but some papers will accept longer.

Our opponents must be challenged when their statements and arguments are not truthful.  Grassroots pro-lifers should keep a watchful eye and, kindly but firmly, correct them when necessary.

LifeNews Note: Carol Tobias is the president of the National Right to Life Committee.

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