The Malawi Parliament has been juggling a controversial abortion bill for more than two years. The pregnancy termination bill was not brought for a vote before parliament closed on December 16, 2022, largely due to the efforts of US-headquartered Human Life International, a global, Catholic, pro-life organization.

Fr. Alpheus Zikomankhani of Pro-Life Malawi, a Human Life International affiliate, reported that he met with Parliament Chaplain Rev. Fr. Henry Chimkanda, who then spoke to the Catholic members of parliament. One of those parliamentarians, Hon. N. Dausi, stood in the house and openly declared that they had many important bills to discuss and that they did not want to waste time on this abortion bill that will not benefit the Malawi people. He added that if anyone tried to introduce the bill, the Catholic members of the house would boycott the seating.

John Martin, Executive Vice President of Human Life International, applauded Alpheus for his tireless work.

“This had been a long hard battle,” observed Martin. “More than a dozen years ago we were fighting massive anti-life programs in Malawi, when the Malawi National Assembly ratified the Maputo Protocol and the president acceded to it, despite the fact that Malawi was not represented in the Health Ministers Meeting in Maputo that crafted the document that declared abortion to be a woman’s ‘human right.’”

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Malawi has traditionally been considered a God-fearing nation, but Emil Hagamu, Human Life International’s Regional Director for English-Speaking Africa, explained, “Contraception is pushed on Malawi by Western population control organizations such as the World Health Organization and others wanting to limit Malawian population growth under the guise of ‘saving women’s lives.’”

In Malawi, Human Life International has reported that young women are taught contraception, not chastity. In one case, a pregnant girl was thrown out of her home. Her parents told her not to come back until she got an abortion. Bordering on suicidal, she encountered Human Life International, where she learned about the dangers of abortion and discovered that she did not have to let anyone pressure her into killing her child. Human Life International provided her with counseling, temporary lodging, and helped her reconcile with her parents. By educating the baby’s grandparents about abortion and providing pregnancy care and material help for the baby, Human Life International demonstrated a life affirming approach to unplanned pregnancy.

“We operate on multiple fronts,” added Martin. “Like Fr. Zikomankhani, our Human Life International associates advocate for life affirming policies at the highest levels, and at the same time, Human Life International team members are ministering to individuals and families helping provide them with the resources they need to choose life for their children.”

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