New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is under fire for her attempt to use a public health emergency to ban people from carrying guns. A federal judge quickly put a halt to that today.
But Grisham is also a hypocrite when it comes to the comparison of guns and abortions.

Guns might be used to kill someone, but most all Americans who own a gun are law-abiding citizens who use guns for protection, hunting or sporting and do so lawfully and carefully. They are exercising their Second Ament right to do so.

Meanwhile, abortions kill babies. With the exception of very rare abortion survivors, abortions always successfully end the life of a little baby before birth. That abrogates their right to life – and denies them rights.

But Grisham has it backwards. She thinks taking guns away is upholding rights but banning abortions takes away rights.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” Grisham claimed that banning guns is different from a Republican governor doing the same thing to enact an abortion ban without the legislature approving it because “this is about protecting everyone’s rights. The Republican governor is about restricting some rights.”

Poppy Harlow asked, “Let me just ask you one final question about executive power. That’s a big thing you’re testing here, too. Are you overreaching? Let me give you a hypothetical. You’re a Democratic Governor who is doing this. What if a Republican governor of a state declares a health emergency and unilaterally outlaws abortion in that state, where the legislature has not done so by statute? Following your logic, would that also be sound?”

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Grisham responded, “In this situation, honestly, I don’t think so. But that is what’s happening in this country, is that we’ve got extremists on this question and on reproductive rights.”
But the Supreme Court just confirmed the Constitution has no right to abortion. So there is no “reproductive right” to kill babies in abortions.

Grisham continued: “And the issue about the emergency order, the difference here is, I had an 11-year-old that was shot and killed with 17 rounds in a road rage. I got a call from a surgeon whose husband was killed in the exact same way in Albuquerque. Violence is growing. Every single investment and strategy, including a bold call to action, has failed. And here, this is about protecting everyone’s rights. The Republican governor is about restricting some rights. And I think we’re going to see these challenges across the country, but I’m going to stand up for the children and I’m going to stand up for public safety in Albuquerque.”

Ironically, she cares about the right to life of children after birth but destroys the right to life of children before birth. And that’s the real hypocrisy here.

If only she cared about children killed by both guns and abortions and not just by guns.

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