A Kentucky family is praising God for the safe arrival of their conjoined twins, Lakelyn and Laylie, after doctors warned that the girls may not survive.

The Louisville, Kentucky twins were born Sept. 1 after 32 weeks of pregnancy, and, last week, they grew well enough to leave the hospital, according to a Facebook page set up to share the twins’ journey.

WLKY reports Logan and Charla Cook, of Louisville, Kentucky, hoped and prayed for a miracle when they learned that they were expecting conjoined twins.

“I honestly pray for God just to perform some type of miracle,” Charla told the news outlet.

Their doctors did not give them much reason to hope. According to the report, the family was told that their daughters probably would not survive and they were asked to consider an abortion.

“The best thing the hospital could offer was the option to terminate within four days,” a friend of the Cooks wrote on a Go Fund Me page to help with the family’s expenses. “Not giving them enough time to ethically process what they had just found out or not giving them time to find surgeons that could help their twin girls.”

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Charla said the news was “devastating,” but they refused to consider abortion as an option.

Not long before the girls were born, the Cooks found a glimmer of hope when a team of doctors at a Florida hospital offered to try to separate the twins.

Lakelyn and Laylie are conjoined at the chest and share a heart wall and liver, making separating them very difficult. However, the family said the Florida doctors are willing to try the surgery as long as the twins’ health continues to improve, according to the report.

“That’s the only hospital that has told us that,” their mother said. “So after we heard that news, we had hope for something after hearing so many negative things from so many places and professionals.”

Currently, the girls are home with their parents and three older siblings. They have a nurse who checks on them daily, and the girls receive a lot of love and attention from their siblings, their parents said.

Caring for conjoined twins has been a challenge for the family, whether it’s finding clothing that fits or feeding them and changing their diapers. But the family said they are thankful.

“Thank you all for your prayers they mean so much to us. We know God has big plans for these girls and we can’t wait to continue to share as they grow,” they wrote on Facebook last week.

They asked people to continue to pray for a miracle for the girls as they look toward separation surgery at some point in the future in Florida.

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