Fake feminism is in desperation mode. Apparently, every woman who has suffered a tragic miscarriage actually aborted her child. Who knew?

Social media commentators and haters have become apoplectic over Jessa Duggar Seewald’s recent video where she shares heartbreaking news of a recent miscarriage. As is common, a Dilation and Curettage (or D&C) procedure had to be performed to remove the baby who had died in utero. It’s the D&C that has pro-abortion folks wanting to cancel Ben and Jessa once and for all. According to the Mayo Clinic: “Health care providers perform dilation and curettage (D&C) to diagnose and treat certain uterine conditions — such as heavy bleeding — or to clear the uterine lining after a miscarriage or abortion.”

But fake feminism’s strong suit isn’t science or basic facts. On Jessa Seewald’s social media pages, there are thousands of heartwarming comments. Many people expressed their sorrow for her loss, shared her grief, and thanked her for her vulnerability. There are also hundreds of cruel replies accusing the famously pro-life mother of hypocrisy and denial. One person wrote: “So it’s OK for Jessa to get her abortion but the rest of us sinners get to suffer? Very Christlike.”

This comment—which pretends that tragic miscarriages are the same as elective abortions—is typical of pro-abortion rhetoric in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision. In a post-Roe America, Planned Parenthood activists and their pro-abortion media allies are intensifying their propaganda, pretending that treating ectopic pregnancies and miscarriage management are now illegal. It’s all a part of a massive healthscare campaign to misinform the public in hopes more will embrace the abortion extremism of the left.

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It’s a lie, of course. Every state ban on abortion specifically details that ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages are not included in any restrictions. In Arkansas, where Seewald lives, the state’s Unborn Child Protection Act clearly states that “an act is not an abortion if the act is performed with the purpose to remove a dead unborn child caused by a spontaneous abortion or remove an ectopic pregnancy.”

That hasn’t stopped Parade Magazine from publishing a slanderous article entitled: “Jessa Duggar Reveals She Had a Life-Saving Abortion in Emotional New Video.” They chose to exploit her tragic loss for their political gain. The Arkansas Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Yahoo! News, and other misinformation news outlets made similar claims.

Seewald clapped back in a pinned comment beneath her original video, saying: “Women have D&C’s for many reasons, not all of which involve killing a living human being. The ultrasound revealed that I had a miscarriage. My baby’s heart had stopped beating 3 weeks before I had a D&C. There’s a world of difference between someone dying and someone being killed.”

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