Michigan couple Nicole and Austin LeBlanc trust that God has a purpose for their conjoined twins’ lives, no matter how short they may be.

Their baby girls have not been born yet, but thousands of people already know about them as their parents share their story. The LeBlancs are Catholics and pro-life advocates who hope to change the culture to one that respects and values every human life.

“I believe my family has a very special mission to save as many babies as possible from the evils of abortion!!!” Nicole LeBlanc wrote on Instagram in late March while asking for prayers for their girls. “WE ARE THE PRO LIFE GENERATION.”

Nicole, 24, a Latina American and a small business owner, said they learned that they were expecting their first child last year.

Just 10 weeks into the pregnancy, however, Nicole said doctors discovered that she was pregnant with twins – and they were conjoined, according to the Catholic News Agency.

“Nothing ever would’ve prepared me for the ultrasound technician saying, ‘Your twins are very special because they are conjoined and they share a heart,’” she remembered.

Then, the doctors told her that her pregnancy would be high risk and urged her to consider aborting their daughters. As Catholics, the suggestion was unthinkable to the LeBlancs.

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“They definitely pushed an abortion agenda on us and on our babies,” Nicole said in an interview with EWTN. “That is something that we were not okay with and something we are totally, completely against because even though I couldn’t feel them moving at 10 weeks, I could see them clearly jumping together off the side of my womb.”

The twins share several major organs, including the heart, liver and bowels, meaning they likely cannot be separated after birth, according to the report. Some twins live conjoined into adulthood, such as sisters Abby and Brittany Hensel, but the future is uncertain for the LeBlanc twins.

Still, their parents are choosing to trust God with the heartbreaking situation. Austin said they have been praying the rosary together every day, and they believe “God has a plan for everything.”

Here’s more from the report:

Several saints and biblical figures have also impacted the couples’ faith and inspired the names they chose for their twin girls — Maria Therese and Rachel Claire.

“We definitely want to have our babies be gifts to our Blessed Mother so, Maria, the Latin name for Mary,” Nicole explained. “And I’ve always had a special connection with the Old Testament story of Rachel so, Maria Therese and Rachel Claire.”

In about five weeks, Nicole is scheduled to give birth to the girls via C-section.

“We don’t know how much time we will have with our babies, but as of now, I will have a C-section at 35 weeks and letting God be in control of the situation,” she said.

Meanwhile, she recently began sharing their family’s journey on social media, asking for prayer from fellow believers and sharing the value of their daughters’ lives. The couple believes one of their daughters’ purposes is to help change people’s minds about abortion.

“I really think that the pro-life community is growing and I know that our testimony will be part of that, and I hope to do more work in the future as well,” Nicole said.

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