The presence of a visibly pregnant woman standing vigil in front of an abortion center sends a powerful message.

That was certainly the case in Glasgow, Scotland, where an expectant mother noticed pro-lifers praying in front of Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, which both delivers and kills babies.

The woman made a bold statement about the beauty of human life when she stopped to join the 40 Days for Life vigil on her way into the hospital to give birth!

Rose and the Glasgow campaign team were even more delighted when the proud parents sent a picture of their newborn baby girl, Eva, the very next day.

The special day marked this young family’s first time participating in a 40 Days for Life vigil…but it won’t be the last.

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Eva’s father said Mom, Dad, and baby plan to return to the vigil to pray in the future.

“Please God, we will have the joy of learning about more children born alive like Baby Eva,” Rose wrote. “Please God, more women and men will be spared the horror of abortion as our culture changes from one of darkness into one of light.”

Kasese, Uganda

Masereka in Uganda said his campaign volunteers are motivated–and proud to be reaching out to abortion-vulnerable women.

“So far, we have one baby saved!” he reported.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Bad weather has been a recurring theme of this spring’s campaign.

But so has resilience. The Queen City was hit with an all-day storm that dumped three inches of rain–accompanied by 50mph winds.

Dianne and members of her church were out for the worst of it.

“I always let our participants know that although we continue to stand in prayer when it’s raining, we don’t want anyone to endanger himself because of high winds,” explained Mary, the longtime 40 Days for Life leader in Cincinnati. “Nevertheless, Dianne and her fellow participants didn’t give up!”

Phoenix, Arizona

The weather was considerably dryer in the Valley of the Sun, where seminarians from the Diocese of Phoenix joined the local 40 Days for Life campaign.

“[We] prayed in a group of seven total guys this morning,” said one of the men. “Great day of prayer!”

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