After months of MSNBC condemning the Supreme Court and pro-lifers for putting women’s lives at risk, The Saturday Show host Jonathan Capehart and Rethinking Sex author Christine Emba said the quiet part out loud when they lamented the downfall of Roe has hurt the cause of consequence-free sex.

Capehart wondered what effect Dobbs has had on sex and relationships in America, “So, you’ve spoken to a number of young women and men about how they make decisions when it comes to sex and relationships. How is a post-Roe America altering the dynamics of those relationships?”

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Emba began by hyping her book, “Right, so my book Rethinking Sex is a look at, sort of, the cultural dynamics around relationship formation and sex in the United States and as you can, guess it is no looking great”  and Dobbs is why “and then the publication of decisions like this one by Walgreens not to distribute the medication for abortion is going to continue to have a chilling effect on relationships.”

That’s a stretch considering there is more to a relationship than sex, but Capehart took the idea and ran with it “And when you say chilling effect, that means not coupling up, not getting married, not having children, not having sex at all.”

What do pro-life laws have to do with couples not having children? Abortion literally ends children. Non-sensical ideas from Capehart aside, Emba replied:

Perhaps all of these things, I mean we’ve already heard conversation about, you know, the so-called sex recession and we are of course now in a relationship recession. Fewer people are entering relationships, getting married, finding partners and when you talk to young people, you see that decisions like this, the potential lack of bodily autonomy is really affecting their decision-making.

Emba also insisted that “Women are entering relationships, or not, rather because, you know, sex is risky now they don’t want to risk losing their autonomy.”

As for men, Emba added, “Urologists have mentioned that young men, really young me like the age of 18, are increasingly asking for vasectomies because they’re scared of an unintended pregnancy that they won’t be able to have control over.”

It speaks to the depravity of the pro-abortion position that they view the elimination of life as a way of asserting their “autonomy” or “control,” but at least we no longer have to pretend that MSNBC supports abortion because of ectopic pregnancies or other medical emergencies.

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