No one who claims to be pro-life on abortion is attacking pro-life Americans more than Nany Mace.

The supposedly pro-life South Carolina congresswoman continued her relentless attacks on the pro-life movement today with ill-informed comments that erroneously paint pro-life Americans as being anti-woman and out of touch with the views of most Americans.

In an appearance on CNN yesterday, mace claimed that people in her own state oppose legislation protecting babies from abortion.

Mace said “the majority of voters would not be supportive of a six-week ban that allowed very few exceptions for a very short period of time and required women to have their rapes reported to police.”

“That’s really not going to fly with most people, whether they’re men or women,” she added.

However, an August 2022 poll, conducted after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, clearly shows a strong majority of South Carolina residents want to protect babies from abortion.

The Trafalar Group poll in South Carolina shows 61% of state residents want abortions banned — either when the unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected or starting from conception.

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The poll shows 19.7% of state residents support the state’s current law banning aboritons when the baby’s heartbeat can be heard on a sonogram at 6 weeks. Another 24.3% of residents want abortions banned with the rare exceptions of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother, and 17% of South Carolina voters want abortions banned with the sole exception of saving the mother’s life.

Just 39% of South Carolina residents hold a pro-abortion position with 28.2% supporting legal abortions but wanting late-term abortions banned and only 10.8% of South Carolina residents supporting the position of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party of legalized abortion up to birth.

The poll found that even 59.4% of women in South Carolina favored one of the three pro-life positions banning all or most abortions. And a whopping 81% of young people 18-24 took one of the three pro-life stances.

And the survey found 58% of blacks, and 57% of Hispanics took one of the pro-life positions against abortion. Even 40% of Democrats in South Carolina favor banning all or most abortions.

Late Wednesday night the South Carolina House passed a heartbeat bill to save babies from abortion. The 6-week abortion ban now moves to the state Senate, where the measure is expected to pass and then go to South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, who will sign it into law.

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