Today, Live Action unveiled a cutting-edge political advertisement campaign to encourage the people of Ohio to vote against Issue 1 on November 7th.

Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, released the following statement:

“Ohio voters will soon make a decision of whether to add expansive language to their state constitution that will target preborn children for death and leave women in dangerous and vulnerable situations to be pressured and coerced into abortions. If passed, Issue 1 in Ohio will open the floodgates to abortion up until the moment of birth, and strip the rights of parents to know if their minor child is at risk of being coerced into a dangerous abortion procedure. Issue 1 is really empowering a brutal abortion industry and as Live Action’s campaign shows, irresponsible jerks who use women for sex and then pressure them to end the lives of their own children. We will reach hundreds of thousands of voters to show them through the power of hard-hitting satire that the abortion lobby doesn’t care about their well-being; they are merely making it easier for women to be coerced into a horrific decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives.”

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Recently released data illustrates the pervasive nature of abortion coercion. A total of 67% of women described their abortions as either “accepted but inconsistent with their values and preferences” (43%) or “unwanted or coerced” (24%). I call on Ohio voters to reject Issue 1, to save the lives of the youngest children of Ohio, to truly empower women with life-affirming care instead, and to stop abortion coercion.”

These ads will be flooding the airwaves in Ohio through strategic digital placement and connected TV until election day on November 7th.

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