A new abortion facility just opened in Wyoming as state leaders battle in court to protect unborn babies’ lives.

Wellspring Health Access opened Thursday in Casper, promoting itself as the only surgical abortion facility in the state. On its website, it advertises elective abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy – a point at which unborn babies are viable outside the womb. Premature babies are surviving as early as 21 weeks.

Leading the new abortion facility is Julie Burkart, a well-known abortion industry worker who also operated a late-term abortion facility in Kansas and ran a pro-abortion political action committee (PAC) accused of misusing funds. She also runs Hope Clinic for Women, an abortion facility in Illinois where pro-lifers recently documented a high volume of medical emergencies due to alleged botched abortions.

News of the new abortion facility caused heartbreak among pro-life lawmakers and advocates who have been working for years to protect unborn babies in Wyoming.

“It’s a sad day for little human beings that don’t have the ability to say no,” state House Majority Floor Leader Chip Neiman, R-Hulett, told Cowboy State Daily.

Neiman was a leading advocate of the Life is a Human Right Act, which passed the state legislature in March. The law protects unborn babies and mothers by banning elective abortions, but Teton County District Court Judge Melissa Owens issued a temporary injunction blocking the law right after it passed.

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Neiman said the fact that Wyoming now has two abortion facilities killing unborn babies “breaks my heart.” He told the news outlet that couples are using abortion as birth control, instead of having sex responsibly.

A second abortion facility, Women’s Health & Family Care Clinic in Jackson, was the only abortion facility in Wyoming for years; it does first-trimester abortions with the abortion pill.

State health statistics show 98 abortions in 2021 and 91 in 2020.

Wyoming and several other states are battling in court to legally protect unborn babies from abortion. Currently, 14 other states are enforcing pro-life laws that ban or strictly limit abortions, and others are advancing legislation this spring to do the same.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in a historic victory for life and returned the power to legislate abortion to the people. Because of Dobbs v. Jackson, states may protect unborn babies from abortion for the first time in nearly 50 years.

New data shows tens of thousands of unborn babies have been saved from abortion in the first five months after the June ruling.

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