News from the Front Line

We’ve got a few reports this week, mainly from Linda re Tuesday (along with Photos), but also a note from Dana with an invitation to join him Fridays at other abortion mill… and report on last Saturday from James.
One Note: Jim and Rose Coon will be away for five weeks (Blessed Vacation!), so we could use volunteers to fill in the gap as sign holders.
Dear brothers and sisters of the King and for His little ones!
Another day at the very gates of hell where children are laid on the alter of convenience and selfishness. Our hearts break once again as we face the deep dark deception that blinds the eyes and hardens the heart which causes such atrocities as the killing of the most innocent ones. However, nothing can take away from the joy that we still feel knowing of the two children that were saved last week.  Our God hears our prayers and honors our efforts, in all our humanity and weakness. Although this day we again had to walk by faith not knowing the results of our efforts, we know without a doubt that our Lord and King is faithful – and mighty to save!
Again, the fellowship is sweet as we gather with like-minded brothers and sisters who are fully aware of the times in which we live where evil is being exposed at an alarming rate, and where goodness is fighting back with a determination we have never seen – at least in our lifetimes. Lord, help us to stand in the power of Your love and Spirit.
Today, we saw at least ten abortion minded couples go in through the back door and at least three through the front. Margaret saw very little action on the side entrance. Bentley noted that four single women went in through the back – we saw one go in through the front. Each of them were in PP for approx. an hour – the time needed to get the abortion pill. We used to observe that those who we thought might be going in for the pill had to have a driver. This might not be the case any more.
I was able to give literature to one couple (and an older woman) who went in the front door early in the day. Seeing that they might be Latino, Gloria and Esa both spoke out to them in Spanish. The young man came out and then got into his car to go around to the back to park the car. I was able to speak to him again, urging him to do what he knew in his heart was right. Bentley spoke to him as he drove into the back parking lot. We will never know why, but we thank the Lord that they left not long after. Was it a baby saved – only the Lord knows. 
Bentley gave out 4-5 packets of information. We always hope that even if they go through with the abortion, they might refer to the literature later, and get the help and counseling and healing they will certainly need.
Tom and I were blessed to have our son, Eric, and daughter in law, Jess, and their five children join us today. Their daughter Nadia (8) has been coming with me the last couple of weeks (and loves being discipled by Bentley), and their son, Kegan (9) stayed with me to hold his sign – another recruit for the sign holding ministry. He called “Mr. Jim” (Coons) the captain of the sign holders. Because Kegan’s father is in the military, this was quite appropriate that he felt he was under Mr. Jim’s command 🙂
Noteworthy: Bentley, especially noted that the escorts were particularly boisterous and rude –  Maybe a little bit of an attitude backlash from all the good advances to protect the babies throughout our country – or maybe they know that two babies were saved last week. In any case, one poor man who stopped (in the driveway) to simply ask for directions to the Yoga center, became an object of their wrath. After screaming at him to move his car and get out of the driveway, one escort pounded her hand on his car to make her point. I thought it was interesting that our nine year old grandson, Kegan, innocently calls the PP escorts “guards”. I thought of the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camps where the guards guarded the camps where the Jews were slaughtered. We can only pray that these deceived people open their eyes before they meet the King of kings.
Again, this week we were blessed to have new faces join us, and some others who were new not so long ago, are becoming regulars. The Lord is so faithful.
We want to thank talented Dave Clough who made up some beautiful much needed signs for those who are Spanish speaking. You are an important contribution to this ministry. God bless you.
Enjoy the pictures, and have a wonderful week in the Lord!
RE DANA and Afternoon Witness
Dana arrived as usual a little after 12 and was in front a while before relieving Bentley and Kim at the driveway.  He was the only counselor after 12:30 (could use another), though Allen was around holding his sign through the afternoon.
In front Dana spoke briefly with a woman going in, then was able to provide info and literature to the man who drove her after he had parked his car.  He soon came out and sat on th stairs.  Kim was speaking with him when Dana went over to the side.
Dana reports that it was busy over at the driveway in tha afternoon, several people still going in, some alone and some in pairs and seeming abortion-minded.  He gave brochures to one young woman going in; she came out after only a short while.  He also had an interchange with a couple accompanied by an infant.  They listened and took literature, and seemed appreciative… but went in.  The man came out with the infant shortly after.
Would also like to note that Dana is over at All Woman’s Health Center on 41 near Webber – the other abortion facility in Sarasota – on Fridays from 8-10 if anyone would like to join him to pray or possibly hold a sign. There are others who are there with him on and off.
Was alone for the usual hour and a half or so, but the Lord gave me the ability to bilocate (sort of) and so cover the driveway and the front entrance!
It was a particularly slow (and humid) day, but a fruitful one.  I saw only 5 clients but was able to give brochures to 4 of them.
Two were clients at the driveway, both of whom stopped for a moment to listen (one other sped by).
I was also able tto give two sets of brochures to clients in front – one was coming out as i drove up (I went over to her car and she rolled down the window and welcomed the literature); the other came out the front as I was getting in my car to leave.  I called after her and she stopped and smiled and took the information.  (The Lord’s timing couldn’t have been better.)
I also saw couple of workers.  i was able to inform one about as she retrieved something from her car (near the fence).
And there were some good encounters with the homeless and a few guys living in the rooming house across the street.  One man said he was a disabled Marine vet who saw a lot of things and had to kill people to protect the country… but what was going on across the street was simply murder.  (And of the most innocent, I added.)
Since it was Pentecost Eve I prayed hard for the Holy Spirit to fall upon this place of death and make it one of life.  (May the truth reveal the lies upon which it is founded and save the souls of all those blinded by them.)  And I somehow begin to believe this regional headquarters could/will close down, something which had seemed impossible to me.
God Bless.

And now PHOTOS!