“Baby Olivia,” an amazing animated video that walks through the development of an unborn baby, may be shown to public school students all across North Dakota next year.

Earlier this month, the North Dakota Legislature passed a law to require public schools to educate students about an unborn baby’s development as part of the sex education curriculum. Included is a requirement to show middle and high school students a short educational video about an unborn baby’s development, including his/her brain, heart and other vital organs early in pregnancy.

The lead sponsor of the bill, state Sen. Janne Myrdal, R-Edinburg, offered the “Baby Olivia” film by Live Action as an option for the curriculum, according to Live Action News.

“I was inspired by Live Action’s ‘Baby Olivia’ video so I drafted legislation showing students the divine journey that every human being experiences,” Myrdal said. “… This new step will cultivate curiosity in the classroom, enhances students’ understanding of human biology and build a culture of life in North Dakota.”

Produced in 2021, the 3-minute animated video walks through a baby’s development week-by-week, starting at the moment of conception. Packed into the short educational film is detailed, computer-generated 3D animation that shows very realistic human movements, including Olivia touching her face and yawning.

Scientists, physicians and former abortionists worked with Live Action to confirm the images and facts about prenatal development were medically accurate. Since being released, “Baby Olivia” has been viewed more than 5.6 million times on YouTube alone.

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Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, praised North Dakota for educating its young people about human life before birth.

“When people learn the truth about the humanity of children in the womb, and the barbaric procedures abortionists use to kill them, they change,” Rose said in a statement. “They become pro-life. North Dakota has taken a huge leap forward towards a more comprehensive understanding of how every human person began by ensuring all 116,639 students in North Dakota will be shown the truth of human development.”

Scientific advancements in recent decades have provided amazing new details about how babies develop in the womb. Before nine weeks of pregnancy, unborn babies already have beating hearts and detectable brain waves, fingers and toes, according to the Endowment for Human Development. By just 10 weeks, they have been observed making breathing motions and hiccuping.

North Dakota and many other states are trying to protect unborn babies from abortion because, at the moment of conception, they already are unique, living and irreplaceable human beings.

However, in March, the state Supreme Court refused to unblock a 2007 state abortion ban. Although the ruling was not final, the Republican-appointed justices’ decision is concerning.

In recent years, approximately 1,100 unborn babies were aborted in North Dakota annually. The only abortion facility in the state recently moved to Minnesota, but it may return if the abortion ban remains permanently blocked.

North Dakota is one of several states that are battling in court to legally protect unborn babies from abortion. Currently, 14 other states are enforcing pro-life laws that ban or strictly limit abortions, saving more than 100,000 unborn babies’ lives.

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