Radical abortion activists today introduced a ballot proposal that would make abortions up to birth a constitutional right in Ohio.

The so-called Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom, a group of radical pro-abortion advocates that includes Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice Ohio, the Abortion Fund of Ohio, and the ACLU unveiled the language of their ballot initiative to enshrine abortion into the Ohio Constitution. The ballot measure would get a vote during this November’s election.

Ohio Right to Life’s Director of Communications, Elizabeth Marbach, told LifeNews that the wording of the ballot measure is purposefully vague, which allows abortion on demand up to birth for any reason.

“The language of this ballot initiative is extremely vague, making it even more dangerous than we originally believed it would be,” she said. “Make no mistake, the abortion lobby is attempting to impose on Ohioans late-term abortion, paid for by taxpayers. They believe that they can rewrite our state Constitution to eliminate all protections for the unborn, including abortions after the point at which babies feel pain—endangering the health and wellbeing of both women and children.”

In addition to allowing abortions well after babies have heartbeats and feel pain, the measure would overturn Ohio’s parental notification law when a minor seeks an abortion and eliminate the legal requirement for abortionists to follow basic hospital health and safety standards.

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Center for Christian Virtue’s Ruth Edmonds told LifeNews that the amendment has to be defeated.

“This dangerous rewrite of our constitution would eliminate the basic rights of parents who would no longer need to be informed or provide consent for their minor daughter to have an abortion. It would outlaw health and safety regulations that protect women, and the proposed changes provide no protection for women who feel pressured or coerced to get an abortion. This amendment is too dangerous for Ohio.”

California, Vermont, and Michigan voted last year to add pro-abortion language to their constitutions after tens of millions in false ads were run statewide to confuse and mislead voters. Ohio pro-life advocates are concerned the same thing will happen in their state.

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