As if tweets promoting abortion over the Easter weekend were not enough, Pennsylvania’s pro-abortion Governor Shapiro has now launched a new website dedicated to all things abortion.

The website includes an interactive map for locating an abortionist…a section on “Make a Plan” to abort…and links to organizations that will provide money for abortions.

The Shapiro Administration claims the website is a response to the Northern District of Texas ruling reversing the FDA’s questionable approval of the abortion pill more than 20 years ago. Of course, the Governor’s news release fails to mention the 28 women who have died after taking the dangerous drug mifepristone. The release also omits the pertinent fact that chemical abortions have four times the complication rate of surgical abortions.

He said, “My Administration is exploring every possible action we can take to keep medication abortion accessible, expand access to reproductive care, and continue safeguarding the freedom to choose—including defending abortion access as a party to Friday’s federal court ruling in Washington state under the leadership of Attorney General Michelle Henry.”

The Washington state ruling ordered the FDA to maintain the status quo as far as the distribution of mifepristone is concerned in 17 states and the District of Columbia. Late Wednesday, a three judge panel of the Court of Appeals of the 5th District issued a decision which keeps in place the part of the Texas ruling restricting the dangerous drugs. The Department of Justice appealed to the Supreme Court.

As Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, stated, “The 5th Circuit Court recognized that, by removing the guardrails on this dangerous drug, the FDA places women at greater risk of life-threatening harm.”

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The Pennsylvania pro-abortion website is just the latest effort by the Shapiro Administration to increase abortions. In February, Shapiro joined something called the “Reproductive Freedom Alliance,” a consortium of 21 pro-abortion Governors aiming to promote abortion.

This year, pro-abortion Democrats took over control of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. But Shapiro’s pro-abortion agenda can still be stopped in the state Senate, which remains under the leadership of pro-life Republicans. Note: Maria Gallagher is the Legislative Director and Political Action Committee Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and she has written and reported for various broadcast and print media outlets, including National Public Radio, CBS Radio, and AP Radio.

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