While radical abortion extreme push abortions up to birth in the United States, one South American nation is reaffirming its legal protections for unborn babies.

The Peru Congress has passed a strong pro-life measure on a lopsided vote to confirm unborn children have a right to life.

As CNA reports:

By a vote of 72-26 with six abstentions, Peru’s Congress passed a bill on Nov. 9 that expressly recognizes the rights granted in its constitution to unborn children.

Congressman Alejandro Muñante, one of the spokespersons for the Life and Family caucus in Peru, on Nov. 12 told ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner, that the fundamental purpose of the law was “to consolidate the right to life from conception, which is already established in our constitution and in the Civil Code and the Children and Adolescents Code.”

The lawmaker explained that for the drafting of this law, “the need was seen to be able to develop and detail a list of rights that our constitution precisely seeks to protect from conception.” According to Article 2 of the country’s Magna Carta, in Peru “the conceived child is a subject of law in everything that favors him or her.”

The first article of the recently passed “Law that Recognizes Rights of the Conceived,” or Law 785, establishes the unborn as a subject of rights with full status as a human person. The second article guarantees the conceived child’s distinct genetic identity, unique and unrepeatable, independent of the mother and endowed with its own personality.

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Article 3 of the new law recognizes the rights to life, health, moral, mental and physical integrity, identity, free development, well-being, and other rights that benefit the unborn human being.

Earlier this year, around 120,000 people attended a pro-life march in Peru to stand for women and unborn children.

The country has held a national March for Life each year since 2013, with over 750,000 attending the march in 2016. There are also regional shows of support for the right to life, one of which took place in the district capital Arequipa in the south of the country.

A spokesperson for the pro-life group Corso por la Vida y la Familia (CORVIDA), which hosted the event, said the parade is a “celebration that … seeks to affirm, promote and protect the value of every person and every human life.”

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