The billion-dollar abortion chain Planned Parenthood exercises massive control over Democrat lawmakers and has pushed the party to adopt some of the most extreme pro-abortion policies in the world.

These include taxpayer funding for elective abortions, legalized late-term abortions and abortions on minors without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Now, Alexis McGill Johnson, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, is putting pressure on Republican lawmakers to support killing unborn babies in abortions, too.

In an interview with Stat News, Johnson claimed elective abortions are “life-saving” and most Americans support abortion on demand, so Republican leaders should get on board with Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion agenda.

“The Republican Party has been captured by an anti-abortion-rights minority, and that is pushing them to very extreme positions that are impacting the health and life of many people who could become pregnant,” she told Stat News.

Johnson said most Americans support “reproductive freedom” and abortion activists are “talking to folks on both sides about getting stronger protections,” because abortion “is totally a nonpartisan issue.”

Actually, polls consistently show Americans support strong limits on abortion, including parental consent for minors, bans on taxpayer funding for abortions and bans on aborting unborn babies especially after the first trimester or once their heartbeat is detectable. LifeNews highlighted 25 recent polls showing support for pro-life laws.

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What’s more, voters elected more pro-life lawmakers to several state legislatures in November, including in Texas where laws now protect unborn babies from the moment of conception.

Ignoring all this and never mentioning the details about her own extreme pro-abortion position, Johnson claimed pro-life laws are hurting women.

“With the Dobbs ruling, in some states where abortion is banned, or access is severely limited, we’re also losing the ability of medical students and residents to learn the procedure, which for many people could be life-saving,” she told the news outlet.

Actually, a review of state health department data by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found nearly all abortions are done for elective reasons, while only 2.7 percent were due to risks to the mother’s life or a major bodily function, or other physical health concerns.

Tens of thousands of doctors also confirm that killing unborn babies in abortions is not health care and does not save lives. And pro-life laws always allow doctors to provide life-saving treatment for pregnant mothers suffering miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and other medical problems.

But Johnson claimed Republicans and pro-life laws are the real problem. In an effort to expand abortions post-Roe v. Wade, she said Planned Parenthood is investing in a new “service corps for [abortion] providers, to support their development and ensure that people can also come to affiliates where they’re still able to practice that care, and intern and get residencies.”

Johnson and Planned Parenthood also are lobbying companies to support abortion on demand.

“We’ve been doing a lot of corporate engagement: Companies have expanded their benefit policies, which is incredibly important, but we need them to engage further with the communities that they’re operating in and the consumers who support them,” she told Stat News.

Johnson runs an organization that aborted more than 383,000 unborn babies in 2020, while bringing in more money than ever before: $1.714 billion, including $633.4 million taxpayer dollars. Planned Parenthood’s political arm also spends huge amounts of money electing Democrats to office.

Its patient numbers have been dropping steadily in recent years amid numerous reports of alleged unethical and illegal activities, including selling aborted baby body partsbotching abortions that killed womencovering up the sexual abuse of minors, exploiting young girls by selling cross-sex hormones and more.

Hundreds of its employees also have voiced racism complaints, including “systemic racism,” “abusive behavior and financial malfeasance.” Other employees have accused Planned Parenthood of pregnancy discrimination.

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