The best confirmation that 40 Days for Life is effective at hurting the bottom line of a local abortion facility does not come from us…

…but from the leaders of Planned Parenthood.

Recently, we got more confirmation from America’s most pro-abortion state–California.

The abortion facility in Napa, California, recently moved, citing the daily presence of pro-lifers outside.

Then, Planned Parenthood Northern California’s director of operations complained to the media that the appointment no-show rate more than doubles when 40 Days for Life is taking place!

“It confirms many important things,” explained Dominic, the campaign leader in Napa. “Even [here in Napa], no-show rates go up to 40%-50%!”

Former Planned Parenthood workers say that the no-show rate for an abortion appointment goes as high as 75% when we’re out there praying.

As for Napa, Dominic and his team are moving to the new Planned Parenthood location, where they’ll continue to save lives from abortion.

Greeley, Colorado

Dalas was nervous about leading her second 40 Days for Life campaign just a few months after wrapping up her first last fall.

Heading into her launch event this week, most of her vigil schedule was empty, and she was fighting not to be discouraged…but at her campaign kickoff rally this week, the Lord rewarded her leap of faith.

We had so many people that we needed three extra tables,” Dalas announced.

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Not only did people show up, but they also signed up for hours–filling almost the entire schedule in just one night!

Hempstead, New York

More than 60 pro-life prayer warriors processed to Planned Parenthood in Hempstead to kick off the Lenten campaign.

“It was powerful,” said Michael, who leads the oldest 40 Days for Life campaign on Long Island.

Michael encouraged his volunteers to commit to pray an hour every week in front of Planned Parenthood “to be a voice for the voiceless.” Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.

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