The billion-dollar abortion chain Planned Parenthood really wants Gavin Newsom to keep being governor of California.

Newsom, a radical pro-abortion Democrat who was caught breaking his own pandemic lock-down orders, is facing an intense recall election. But pro-abortion groups are rallying to his aid.

On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California sent an email to supporters praising Newsom for his “long track record of protecting reproductive freedom,” meaning abortion on demand, California Catholic Daily reports.

The abortion chain warned that a lot is “at stake for sexual and reproductive health care if next month’s recall attempt is successful and California ends up with a Republican extremist as governor.”


“2021 has been a historically bad year for reproductive rights, as states across the country take harmful and dangerous action to restrict access to abortion, sexual and reproductive health care, and more,” the California affiliate wrote. “Thankfully, California — under the leadership of Governor Newsom and the state legislature — has a long track record of protecting reproductive freedom.”

Planned Parenthood said its affiliates all across California are mobilizing abortion activists and urging residents to vote no on the recall.

The email also advertised an online event with Newsom, Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson and the CEO of its California affiliate, Jodi Hicks, who praised Newsom as a “champion” for the pro-abortion movement.

During his first year as governor, Newsom doubled state taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups, FOX 40 reports.

He also signed a law forcing public colleges and universities to provide abortions for free on campus – something even his pro-abortion predecessor Gov. Jerry Brown thought was too radical.

And when other states began passing a record number of pro-life laws to protect unborn babies, Newsom issued a proclamation welcoming women to come to California for abortions.

NARAL Pro-Choice California also endorsed Newsom earlier this summer.

The recall election is Sept. 14, but California is mailing ballots to all state voters a month early. On the ballot, voters will be asked two questions: first, if Newsom should be recalled, and, second, who should replace him.

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