President Donald Trump is expected to announce today that he will file a class action lawsuit against Facebook and Twitter on behalf of Americans like himself who have been cancelled by social media. The lawsuit comes after both social media platforms, and other, banned him from using their services.

The former president plans to announce a class-action lawsuit on Wednesday against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Axios reported.

Trump’s legal effort is supported by the America First Policy Institute, a non-profit focused on perpetuating Trump’s policies. The group’s president and CEO and board chair, former Trump officials Linda McMahon and Brooke Rollins, will accompany him during the announcement. Class action lawsuits would enable him to sue the two tech CEOs on behalf of a broader group of people that he argues have been censored by biased policies.

Facebook and Twitter declined to comment, according to the news outlet.

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Trump is scheduled on Wednesday to make an announcement about “efforts to protect Americans’ First Amendment rights” at 11 a.m. ET.

Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account, while Facebook has suspended the account but left open the possibility of restoring it in 2023 if it’s no longer deemed a “risk to public safety.”

Without access to the social media platforms, the former president has started his own platform called GETTR, an abbreviated form for Getting Together, that has already taken off and seen hundreds of thousands of create creating new account. LifeNews has a GETTR account that readers can follow here for pro-life posts.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign received tens of thousands of dollars in donations from Facebook and Twitter executives, a Fox News investigation found .

Federal Election Commission records reveal that the same executives in charge of censorship donated almost exclusively to Biden, a pro-abortion Democrat who supports abortions without limits and wants to force taxpayers to pay for them.

According to the investigation, FEC records show several Facebook and Twitter executives gave the maximum political donation of $2,800 to Biden’s campaign.

These include:

Two $2,800 donations from Facebook vice president of public policy Erin Egan (one during the primary election, the second during the general election)
A $2,800 donation (primary) and $750 donation (general) from Facebook chief revenue officer David Fischer
A $2,800 donation (primary) from Facebook chief financial officer David Wehner
A $2,800 donation each from Facebook vice presidents Gene Alston, Michael Verdu, Shahriar Rabii and T.S. Khurana
A $2,800 donation from Instagram chief operating officer Marne Levine. Instagram is owned by Facebook.
A $2,800 donation from Twitter vice president Matt Derella
A $2,800 donation from Twitter senior director Ryan Oliver
Two $2,800 donations (primary/general) from Twitter senior director of product management James Kelm

All of the donations are public record through the FEC.

The Fox News investigation did not find any donations from top social media executives to President Donald Trump. It found just two donations to Trump from lower level employees at Facebook, neither donation being greater than $300.

According to Newsbusters, Twitter censored Trump and his campaign 436 times, but it did not censor Biden or his campaign once.

Both social media platforms have a long history of censoring pro-life advocates. For example, in October, the Susan B. Anthony List said Facebook banned two of its ads exposing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s support for late-term abortion in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, based on a factually incorrect third-party “fact check.”

And in November, Facebook censored an Illinois pro-life organization that is trying to raise money to help pregnant women and babies.

Recent examples of censorship on Facebook and Twitter include:

Facebook Blocks Pro-Life Pregnancy Center from Fundraising to Help Pregnant Women
Facebook censors pro-life marketing agency (Pregnancy Help News)
Facebook Censors Pro-Life Ad Showing How Abortion Pill Kills Babies, Injures Women
Facebook Censors Pro-Lifers, Ignores Liberal Post Wanting Pro-Life Republicans to “Die”
Facebook Censors Pro-Life Page for Calling Planned Parenthood an “Abortion Business”
City Takes Down Pro-Life Group’s Bus Ads after Abortion Activists Complain
Billboard Companies are Censoring Pro-Life Billboards Like This One: “Abortion Endangers Us”
Facebook Censors Interview With Woman Who Miraculously Survived an Abortion
Instagram Censors Planned Parenthood Meme: We Kill More Black Babies in 2 Weeks Than the KKK Lynched in a Century
Instagram Removed Christian Writer’s Comic Strip Comparing Abortion to Slavery
Instagram Blocked the Entire Daily Caller News Account Briefly, Claimed It Was an Accident
Facebook Tags Pro-Life Group as False News for Saying Abortion is Never Medically Necessary
Instagram Censors LifeNews Post about Babies with Down Syndrome
Twitter Censors President Trump’s Pro-Life Video Featuring Pictures of Unborn Babies
Twitter Suspended “Unplanned” Movie’s Account, Then Its Followers Mysteriously Disappeared
Woman With Down Syndrome Says Twitter Suspended Her Account for Tweets Opposing Abortion
Twitter Censors Pro-Life Group: “No Advertiser is Permitted to Use the Phrase ‘Killing Babies’”
Pinterest Caught Listing Top Pro-Life Website as Porn to Censor Its Content
Twitter Censors Pro-Life Group’s Ads about Defunding Planned Parenthood

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