The pro-life Democrat who announced her presidential campaign yesterday to challenge radical abortion activist Joe Biden says she is running part because she wants to change hearts and minds on abortion.

Terrisa Bukovinac would legitimately love to be the Democrat nominee for president and defeat Biden in the 2024 primary, she understands though there is virtually no chance of that happening. However, Bukovinac can take advantage of laws that allow candidates to run television commercials uncensored.

While a commercial from pro-life groups showing aborted babies and how abortion kills little unborn children might be censored, TV stations are required to run advertisements from political candidates. Bukovinac hopes to take advantage of that caveat to run ads showing the reality of abortion.

“I am running to be a voice for the voiceless,” said Bukovinac yesterday.

She explained: “And with your support, I can expose the human rights atrocities happening in nondescript buildings like this across America. Any FCC TV station is required to run the ads of all federal candidates, and we will together expose this injustice.”

Here’s more on her plans:

Bukovinac told States Newsroom she is hoping to show ads in at least a few key markets, including D.C., Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey and possibly South Carolina. Her campaign has so far raised less than $8,000, according to its most recently available filing, since Bukovinac filed her presidential candidacy in June. Bukovinac said she’s hoping the fetal images will shock the American public and even abortion-rights supporters who are uncomfortable with abortion later in pregnancy.

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Managing Bukovinac’s campaign is her good friend Catherine Glenn Foster, a player in the anti-abortion legal movement, who recently stepped down as president of Americans United for Life, and previously served as counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom. Both organizations played crucial roles in the eventual reversal of Roe v. Wade, a legal decision that has fundamentally altered and diminished access to abortion and pregnancy-related health care throughout the country. Bukovinac said she’s also working with Kristen Day of Democrats for Life of America.

Bukovinac also wants to stand up for the millions of pro-life Democrats who have been shut out of the party.

“Pretending like millions of pro-life Democrats like myself don’t exist isn’t a strategy. The right to life must be protected at every age, everywhere,” she said. “And that is why I am running for president of the United States.”

Sixty percent of Democrats do not think states should allow abortion past 15 weeks, according to a June 2022 Harvard-Harris poll.

Top issues on Bukovinac’s platform include abortion, economic justice, racial justice, criminal justice reform and environmental justice, according to her campaign website.

“We are being misrepresented by extremist party leadership who support abortion until birth for any reason, when a good portion of Democrats do not support that,” Kristen Turner, corporate secretary for Bukovinac’s campaign and PAUU director of community organizing told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We have a big grassroots network of activists who have already been involved in the pro-life issue and other progressive issues, like animal rights, environmental activism, Medicare for all.”

PAAU activists found the bodies of 115 aborted babies in toxic waste containers from the Washington Surgi-Center in 2020, including five in the third trimester, according to Live Action. Pro-life advocates who previously spoke with the DCNF said the city has failed to take action since the bodies were turned over to the police over a year ago.

Bukovinac promised her campaign would not take money from the fossil fuel industry or Planned Parenthood’s “blood money.”

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